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Streamline Audit Processes with Self-Service Data Preparation

Auditors are under significant pressure to keep expenditures down whether they work for an external audit firm or are part of an internal audit team. Achieving cost-effective audits requires organizations to do more with less - while maintaining or increasing audit quality. To succeed auditors not only need the right expertise and process but also the right data analytics tools.

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Powerhouse Data Prep: Altair Monarch for Excel Users

Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications are ubiquitous, flexible, and give users the power to develop complex macro and formula-driven applications. The downside, however, is that spreadsheets are prone to error, difficult to program, produce results that are easy to misinterpret, do not handle data from multiple disparate sources easily, and are extremely difficult to maintain and debug as their size increases. Monarch can vastly reduce mistakes, save time, and support the most complex requirements.

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Guide to Smart Product Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the way companies do business. New product lines, recurring revenue streams, more efficient operations, higher quality and faster time-to-market are all within reach with the introduction of smart interconnections between systems and assets. This guide is designed to help you realize your Smart Product Development vision from ideation, to optimization, to launch and operation.

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PBS Works Documentation

Documentation for PBS Works Products, including Release Notes, Programmer's Guides, User's Guides, and Administrator's Guides


CellMod™ FMU User Documentation

Documentation for CellMod FMU, BasicPackMod FMU and CellMod Lite FMU


LTS and DIL Simulation – Closing the loop

Closing the loop - Lessons learned in the development and at the track.

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SimData Manager Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware and software requirements necessary to download and use SimData Manager


PBS Professional with Docker Integration

Details on the integration of Docker and PBS Professional including technical information, requirements, etc.


DSHplus User Manual

User manual for DSHplus by FLUIDON, 2012.


Altair Panopticon Visualization Guide

Altair Panopticon Designer software supports a wide range of information visualizations, including our well-known Treemaps, Heat Maps, Scatter Plots, Horizon Graphs, and a wide range of other great visualizations designed for fast comprehension and easy interpretation of static, time series, real-time streaming, and historic data sets.

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