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SimSolid – Shortcut Keys

You can access many commonly used functions in SimSolid with keyboard shortcuts, which are generally faster and more efficient than using the toolbar

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Installing Altair Access Web

Getting started with Altair Access™ web

Getting Started, Tutorials, Videos

Submitting a Job in Altair Access

Learn how to submit a job with Altair Access Web 2019.2


Monitoring a Job in Altair Access

Learn how to monitor a job with Altair Access Web 2019.2


Altair Accelerator Demo

Accelerator is an enterprise-grade job scheduler designed for distributed high-performance computing (HPC) environments. As a highly adaptable solution, it is capable of managing compute infrastructures from small dedicated server farms to complex distributed HPC environments. The Plus package of Accelerator (Accelerator Plus) also includes a hierarchical scheduler architected to off-load the base scheduler, enabling greater throughput, better license and resource utilization, and more flexible scheduler usage models. View the demo to learn more.

Tutorials, Videos

The Ultimate Guide to Self-Service Data Prep

Whether you call it data mining, extracting, cleaning, joining, blending or masking – it’s all data preparation. Professionals can spend hours a week working with their data, trying to join data from disparate sources, re-keying info from static reports or PDFs, or formatting data for accurate reporting. A self-service data preparation tool, such as Altair Monarch, empowers users to import, transform and export data in less time, often with the ability to automate processes for even more time savings. Learn more about how easy it is to do more with your data in this Guide to Self-Service Data Preparation.


Analyze Aggregated Client FX Flow with Altair Panopticon

Forex markets are becoming more electronified and participants are more diversified. Combine that with the explosion of trading venues and the FX market is today more complex and fragmented than ever before.

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