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Design PCBs Right the First Time

Altair PollEx with its comprehensive and integrated set of PCB design viewing, analysis and verification tools helps organizations to: Improve communication among multiple discipline engineers by overcoming difficulties due to usage of different data (structure) and application (toolsets). Incorporate practical solutions and customizing features vetted by global electronic leaders. Significantly reduce the number of design reviews and thereby achieve better time to market and cost


Reduce PCB Design Reviews From Design to Manufacturing Using Altair EDA Solution

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are integral part of the electronic devices. Though the complexity of the PCBs has evolved tremendously over the years, the design life cycle hasn’t changed and remains sequential with separate databases and component libraries for each stage. This webinar presents Altair’s unified solution for PCB design considerations, including DFM, DFA, DFE, Signal Integrity and Thermal Analysis.


PollEx PCB Modeler for PCB Design Review

Get started with PCB Modeler, easy-to-use and collaborative application, central application of PollEx with unsurpassed connectivity to major ECAD systems, to quickly visualize and review PCB designs without losing any ECAD design data.


PollEx CP for PCB Design Comparison

Get started with PollEx CP, part of PollEx Suite, to easily and automatically compare different PCB designs and revisions, including schematics, layouts and BOM and with the possibility to export comparative reports with the results


PollEx PCB Verification for Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Get started with PollEx Verification for DFM, where PollEx’s rule-based DFM checking tool covers the manufacturing areas of board, component, drill, FPCB, package, pad, presence and size of masks for manufacturing equipment, pattern, optimization of via annular ring, placement and tooling and PCB space.


PollEx PCB Verification for Design for Assembly (DFA)

Get started with PollEx Verification for DFA, where PollEx’s rule-based DFA checking tool covers the manufacturing assembly areas of collision, lead, soldering, placement, component height, component and board, stability.


PollEx PCB Verification for Design for Electrical Engineering (DFE)

Get started with PollEx Verification for DFE, where PollEx’s rule-based DFE checking tool covers the electrical areas related to SI, PI, EMI and ESD including high speed signals, differential pairs, common nets, power filters, stub, antenna ground, return path, shielding for net or component, routed copper area, components and boards.


Reduce PCB Design Reviews From Design to Manufacturing

In this webinar we showcase Altair Pollex - a comprehensive EDA software solution that is based on an easy-to-use collaborative application, with unsurpassed connectivity to all the major ECAD solutions. Pollex is already the trusted go-to solution for many key global players such as Samsung, LG and Qualcomm - enabling them to quickly visualize and review PCB designs, and ultimately go to market faster. Pollex also provides a powerful and reliable solution to detect design faults in the early development stages that could cause electrical failures or occur during the manufacturing and assembly of PCBs.


Introduction to Altair PollEx

This webinar introduces the benefits of PollEx for fast PCB design viewing and exploration, analysis (including signal integrity and thermal), verification (considering electrical, assembly, and manufacturing constraints), and how these solutions work within the unified PollEx electronics part data management software.

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