Modules Currently Available

MAESTRO Basic Package

The MAESTRO Basic Package includes the graphical modeler for developing MAESTRO structural models and full post-processing capability. This includes full model viewing capability and generation of loads for input to the MAESTRO Analysis/Evaluation Solver. Post-processing includes such features as graphical display of loads, deflections, stresses, and failure evaluation results from the MAESTRO Analysis/Solver. MAESTRO’s two central operations, analysis, and evaluation, are also performed by this module. This module completes a finite element analysis and structural integrity evaluation of every member and every load case.


The MAESTRO-Wave module provides the ship designer with an integrated frequency-domain/time-domain computational tool to predict the motions and wave loads of floating structures. MAESTRO-Wave can also account for tank sloshing loads and provides several roll damping options. This includes the ability to define or import wave scatter diagrams, operational profiles, and wave spectra, as well as to compute hull girder RAOs for the most common dominant load parameters (e.g., vertical bending moment). The Spectral Fatigue Analysis (SFA) module provides the ability to perform global fatigue screening of the vessel.

MAESTRO Structural Optimization

The MAESTRO Optimization module allows optimization of a given structure ranging from a single stiffened panel to a hull girder cross section to a full-ship model using a multi-objective, heuristic-based optimization approach.

Modules Not Currently Available


The ALPS/HULL module, developed by Professor Jeom Paik, Pusan National University, calculates the progressive collapse behavior of ship hulls.


The ALPS/ULSAP module, developed by Professor Jeom Paik, Pusan National University, adds an additional set of limit state criteria to MAESTRO’s automatic failure mode evaluation.

ProColl Hull MAESTRO Module

ProColl Hull provides the ability to calculate compartment level progressive collapse behavior of lightweight aluminum ship structures and conventional steel vessels.

U.S. Navy DPC100-4/MIL-519 Assessment MAESTRO Module

The MAESTRO DPC100-4/MIL-519 module applies the traditional U.S. Navy design procedure and structural strength criteria in the context of the 3D finite element analysis of MAESTRO and creates functionality to better facilitate the processing/post-processing of the strength criteria results.