Available Modules

Maple: Main product

In addition to Maple, MapleSim by Maplesoft is also included in the APA.

Please note that MapleSim needs Maple to run.

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

Maple Grid Computing Toolbox: The Maple Grid Computing Toolbox allows you to deploy your parallel programs to large-scale compute clusters and supercomputers, taking full advantage of all available processing power to tackle very large problems.

Maple Global Optimization Toolbox: Formulate optimization models easily inside the powerful Maple numeric and symbolic system, and then use world-class optimization technology to return the best answer robustly and efficiently.

Maple IDE: An integrated development environment for the Maple programming language, suitable for developing medium-to-extremely large programs and Maple libraries.

Block Importer: Block Importer is a Maple add-on that allows you to import a Simulink® model into Maple and convert it into a set of mathematical equations. It can then be analyzed, optimized, simplified, and turned into a MapleSim custom component for inclusion in MapleSim.