Hitachi Lightweight Mining Haulers Optimized

Truck dynamics, control system, thermal, and fatigue analyses all need to be completed when designing a new truck design. Using Altair HyperWorks, Hitachi achieves a 10% weight reduction in the main frame and rigid body, while maintaining product quality.

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Maple Datasheet

Benefits and features of Maple.


Calculation Management for Electrical Engineers

Maple is a software tool that combines a powerful mathematics engine with an interface that makes it easy to manage your calculations, so you can treat them like the valuable assets they are. Learn how electrical engineers can benefit from Maple.


Maximize the Value of your Calculation Efforts

Learn how using Maple for calculation management can help you: - Treat calculations as a valuable, structured asset - Enable the tracking, validation, and reuse of calculations - Prevent redundant calculation work, even across groups - Allow deployment of calculations and tools across an organization


Signal Processing in Maple

Maple offers many signal processing tools that help you extract meaning from your data. From transforms and spectrograms to filter design and cepstrum analysis, you can use these tools in an environment that lets you document your analysis as you do your calculations.


Signal Processing with Maple

Signal processing allows us to transform, analyze and utilize the vast amount of information in our digital world. This technical document gives insight into Signal Processing with MAple

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Maximizing the Value of Your Work with Digital Signal Processing

This guest contribution on the Altair Blog is written by Samir Khan, Maple Product Manager at Maplesoft, a member of the Altair Partner Alliance.


Why Calculation Management is Important for Engineers

Blog article by Dr. Laurent Bernardin, COO and Chief Scientist at Maplesoft


Calculation Management with Maple

Maple is a software tool that can handle all your mathematical needs, from performing simple calculations to advanced computations, visualizations, data analysis, and algorithm development. In this video, you’ll see how Maple also helps you maximize the value of your calculation efforts, reducing risk while saving time and effort in both current and future projects.


White Paper: Calculation Management Software for Chemical Engineers

This whitepaper examines how chemical engineers use Maple™ for calculation management, transforming what would otherwise be isolated analyses into an intellectual asset.

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White Paper: Reduce Calculation Risk with Units-Aware Math Software

Simply by using units-aware calculation software throughout a technical analysis, you eliminate unit conversion errors and provide a check on the physical validity of your equations. This saves time, removes a source of frustration and increases the reliability of your analyses.

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Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Virtual Commissioning

Take a virtual prototype of your machine and hook it up to a virtual PLC, and test your product virtually before you test it physically. Early testing lets you identify problems sooner, so you can make any necessary design changes before the expensive physical integration phase.


What's New - Maple 2017

Highlights and new features in the latest release of Maple from Maplesoft.

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Case Study: Maplesoft & Diavik Diamond Mine

Calculation Management with Confidence: Creating Robust, Auditable Processes in the Mining Industry

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White Paper: Engineers - Stop Doing Algebra by Hand!

Save time and reduce risk with computer algebra systems.

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White Paper: Calculation Management Software for Electrical Engineers

The paper starts by examining Maple’s features for doing, documenting and deploying calculations. Then, several typical electrical engineering applications are discussed.

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Success Story: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Speeding the Industrial Design Process with Modern Calculation Management

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The Calculating Engineer

In this webinar we will discuss how modern tools can help engineers do, document and manage calculations in a way that maximizes return on investment. You will also discover how enterprising engineers at Hitachi Heavy Machinery in Guelph, Ontario are transforming decaying spreadsheets into easy-to-follow and maintainable calculation sheets.


White Paper: Calculation Management Done Right

Calculation management is a strategy that systematizes the way an organization manages its mathematics and knowledge, from start to finish.

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White Paper: Stories from Industry - Doing System-Level Modeling for the First Time

The high demands placed on engineering teams are requiring new technologies and tools that can help turn out higher quality products with fewer costly, late-stage design changes. Many engineers are familiar with some modeling techniques such as CAD or FEA, but they have yet to embrace a system-level modeling approach to analyze the dynamics of their entire design in a fully integrated way.

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Video: Intro to the Maple Engineering Portal

Learn how the Maple Portal for Engineers helps you become productive quickly with explanations, examples, and sample applications designed for engineers.

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Partner Spotlight: Maplesoft

Laurent Bernardin, COO, discusses design and analysis software, Maple and MapleSim, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.

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White Paper: Advanced System-Level Modeling of Complex Machines

This article illustrates how engineers involved in the design of complex machines are making significant strides in their work with the help of the Maplesoft Engineering Solutions team. Learn more about such diverse projects as revolutionary mining equipment, more reliable offshore machines, a parametric approach to designing an industrial pick-and-place robot, and improved performance of crane control systems.

Technical Papers

White Paper: Searching, Exploring and Visualizing Data using Maple

This paper presents several examples of how Maple can be used to search and filter large data repositories, explore and visualize the data in innovative ways and use the data to predict future behavior.

Technical Papers

White Paper: Model-Driven Innovation

The Model-Driven Innovation approach, and its emphasis on employing virtual prototyping at the system-level, is an invaluable technique when designing complex systems. This approach means that: Problems can be fixed before the system integration and physical prototyping stages. Project delays can be avoided because engineers are able to quickly detect, and correct, problems that arise due to the interactions between different subsystems. Systems can be analyzed, and designs validated and improved with access to the underlying mathematics. By employing this approach, companies can reduce development risks, develop better products, and get to market faster.

Technical Papers

White Paper: Thermal Engineering Analysis with Maple

Learn how Maple can be applied to thermal engineering analysis, assisting in applications such as: - Modeling the heat flows across a vapor-compression refrigeration cycle - Simulating a lumped parameter model of a heat exchanger - Calculating the heat changes necessary to condition air into the human comfort zone - Finding the parameters that maximize the efficiency of a regenerative Rankine cycle - Investigating how different fluids and process parameters affect the efficiency of an organic Rankine cycle

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Thermal Engineering in Maple

This webinar demonstrates the value of Maple as a single, unified environment for thermal engineering with practical examples and techniques.


Webinar Recording: Maple Training for Engineers, Researchers and Scientists

This webinar offers a quick and easy way to learn some of the fundamental concepts for using Maple. Learn the basic steps on how to compose, plot and solve various types of mathematical problems. This webinar also demonstrates how to create professional looking documents using Maple, as well as the basic steps for using Maple packages.


Case Study: Maple Helps Hiab Simplify Their Crane Operation

Challenge: Hiab’s existing mathematical tool was lacking key features that the company needed to model crane behavior. Solution: Hiab selected Maple because of its ability to process complex matrix manipulations and easily export computations to Hiab’s existing simulation software.

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Top Use Cases: Maple

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the mathematics and system modeling software, Maple.

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Concept to Deployment with Maple

Preserve Knowledge, Manage Innovation, Accelerate Solution Development

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Battery Design Innovation: It's All About the Mathematics

The field of energy storage is extremely active with a constant stream of innovations being deployed to address some major design challenges. At the heart of this activity is the commercial drive to increase energy density (energy stored per unit mass), extend battery life and improve overall charge/discharge efficiencies in order to reduce unit costs and enhance product reliability. While great progress has been made in the last decade, certain industries still have a long way to go.

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Maplesoft Engineering Solutions Team Helps FLSmidth Develop Revolutionary Mining Equipment

FLSmidth engaged the services of Maplesoft’s Engineering Solutions team to develop design and analysis tools that would help them design a Dual Truck Mobile Sizer (DTMS) - an innovative machine that can be relocated throughout a project, as the haul distances increase.

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Maple Improves Quality of Life for People with Limited Upper-Body Mobility

Kinova’s Robotic Algorithms and Control Team faced a key challenge in the design of the controller for their robotic arm, JACO. In order to safely operate the robotic arm, they needed to design advanced algorithms involving large matrix equations to calculate the kinematics and applied forces through the arm.

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Is Excel Hindering Your Engineering Projects?

Dedicated mathematical software like Maple provides a state-of-the-art environment for advanced engineering calculations.

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Maplesoft Aerospace Datasheet

Overview of Maple and MapleSim's capabilities in relation to the aerospace industry.

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Maplesoft Control Design Datasheet

Overview of Maple and MapleSim's capabilities specific for control design.

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Maplesoft HEV Datasheet

Overview of Maple and MapleSim's capabilities for electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

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Maple 2016 Datasheet

Overview of benefits and specifications of the mathematics tool from Maplesoft.