Efficient and Accurate Material Engineering

The focus of the seminar is in introducing Altair Multiscale Designer, a framework for efficient and accurate multiscale modeling and simulation of composite and other heterogeneous materials. The development and validation of multiscale material models against experimental test data is presented. The session also features a case study on the development of an ultralight plastic replacement for a metallic automotive part with the help of topology optimization.

Presentations recorded at the Global ATC in Paris, France on October 18, 2018.

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Multiscale Designer, A Multiscale Material Model Development Framework within HyperWorks

Presentation by Markku Palanterä, Director of Global Composites Business Development at Altair. While many multiscale modeling frameworks exist, Multiscale...

Conference Presentations

Development of Super Lightweight Pedal Brackets for Mazda Motor Corporation

Presentation by Hideyuki Inaba, Asahi Kasei. Asahi Kasei fuses topology optimization technology and resin design technology, and developed superlight weight...

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