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Guide to Using Data Analytics to Prevent Financial Fraud

Financial fraud takes countless forms and involves many different aspects of business including; insurance and government benefit claims, retail returns, credit card purchases, under and misreporting of tax information, and mortgage and consumer loan applications.


Monarch Spotlight Series - Data Snacks: Building Models with Data Prep Studio (DPS)

The newest release of Monarch makes it even easier to build or adjust your models using our Data Prep Studio. From our improved engine version to automatically align your messy data to our Hit Map and Report Verify to ensure your data is being captured correctly, building models with DPS has never been easier. Data Prep Studio not only improves the way end users now capture data, but it also changes the methods and how we think about modeling. Having the DPS fully integrated means you can spend less time capturing data and more time gaining insight from it. Our experts show you some of the ways we’ve improved the data capturing process in this Monarch Spotlight Series session.


Data-Driven Strategy to Transform Warranty Process

Warranty claims contain valuable information about product quality and reliability, customer expectations, and can reveal design or manufacturing defects. The proper utilization of this data enables manufacturers to make improvements to existing products, develop more reliable new products, and drive increased profitability.


Advance Asset Maintenance Strategies with Predictive Analytics

Predictive maintenance provides a proactive solution to monitor equipment health and predict failures. It enables organizations to avoid machine failures and unplanned downtime, increase equipment and production line productivity, reduce maintenance costs (including hard component replacement costs and associated personnel time), and improve output quality.


Automated Machine Learning Streamlines Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is critically important to the ongoing success of any manufactured product. Detecting design defects, raw material problems, build issues, and quality control shortfalls as early as possible fosters continuous product improvement, increased reliability and performance, and allows the company to maintain strong reputations for product brands.


Mastering Data in Higher Education

Despite recent advancements in technology, the education sector has struggled to capitalize on opportunities afforded by data analytics.


Automate and Govern Data Preparation Routines

Altair Monarch Server Automator provides a comprehensive, enterprise-wide data preparation solution that extends on the work completed using Monarch's desktop solution.


Using Data Automation and Predictive Analytics To Reassess Risk In the COVID-19 Era

How can banks & credit unions use data automation and predictive analytics to reassess risk due to COVID-related unemployment? Join Dylan Tancill, Director of Altair's Bank & Credit Union Team, for a lively discussion presented at the recently held 5th Annual CULYtics Virtual Summit 2020.


The Next Generation of Data-Driven Lending

Post COVID-19 and as we navigate our new normal - banking and lending will undoubtedly be transformed. As the economic fallout spreads, financial firms are grappling with a major influx of relief requests from consumer and business customers. Our panelists discuss whether modern technology, advanced analytics, and a data-driven approach can hold the keys to ensuring banks and fintech leaders continue to scale despite this rapidly evolving credit crisis.


The Future of Self Service in Data & Analytics

Featuring an enviable lineup including; Frederic de Sibert, Global Head of Investment Banking Services Strategists at Goldman Sachs, Paul Downes, COO at Autovista Group, Kerem Talih, General Manager/CFO at Doğuş Otomotiv and Dr. Mamdouh Refaat, Chief Data Scientist at Altair. This hour-long webinar is full of insight, guidance, and tips from global businesses that are at various stages of their Data & Analytics journeys.


The Future of Data Democratization

Hear from a prestigious panel of experts including David Huguet, Data Lead at SNCF, plus Martijn van Baardwijk, CFO - Continental Europe at Inchcape plc. as we focus on;

  • How to democratise data inside and outside your company;
  • How to manage the security and risk associated with data democratization;
  • The improvements brought by having unified access to data.
Chaired by Anthony Townsend, Director of EMEA Sales, Altair.


The Future of Augmented Analytics

Augmented Analytics is being touted as the next frontier in AI’s Evolution with Gartner defining it as “the use of enabling technologies such as machine learning and AI to assist with data preparation, insight generation, and insight explanation to augment how people explore and analyze data”.


Monarch Spotlight Series - Data Snacks: Maximizing the Use of Calculated Fields

Not all data are created equal - learn how to leverage Monarch's Calculated Fields feature to create dynamic functions to apply to your entire data sets. Our Solutions Specialist, Joseph Alvarez, shows you some of the tips and tricks on how to get the most of out your data.


Enhancing Your RPA Investment With Data Preparation

As more businesses use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a means to streamline operations and assess efficiency gaps, there are hurdles to fully realizing its benefits. For instance, existing data is often challenging for RPA processes to handle. Without a good solution, studies indicate that 80% of the time spent on RPA has to do with data preparation.
Discover how you can enhance your ongoing RPA investment with the right data analytics stack.


Monarch Spotlight Series: Data Snacks - Joins

Siloed Data doesn’t have to stay that way. Combine data sets from virtually any location or format with Monarch to create uniformed, consistent outputs ready for analytics. Joins are an integral part of creating a unified view of all of your data in a single place. With Monarch, we’ll show you how you can perform Standard Joins, Lookups, and Negative Joins to create the output you’re looking for without the need to code or script.


Monarch Data Prep Studio Product Overview

Access, transform, combine, and blend multiple data sources with Monarch Data Prep Studio.

Product Overview Videos

Daily Debit Reconciliation using Altair Monarch

Lending organizations consolidate daily debit transactions into auto-generated files (typically Excel format). With thousands of machines and hundreds of thousands of records per day, manual reconciliation to the balance level is laborious and error-prone.

Use Cases

Leverage Altair Data Analytics for Optimizing Preventative Churn Strategies

It's no industry secret that it costs less to retain existing customers than it does to acquire new ones.


5 Key Areas to Invest in to Enable Smarter Decision Making

Explores the five key areas to invest in to enable smarter decision making with data.


The Future of Altair's Data Analytics Solutions

Altair solver technology helps to unleash the limitless potential of the creative mind. We seek through our technology to inspire and empower people to solve the greatest engineering challenges. The 2020 software release further advances forward-looking technologies for simulation and optimization from concept to in-service across multiple disciplines encompassing structures, fluids, thermal management, electromagnetics, and electronics. With major additions to our multi-physics solver portfolio, we get ever closer to being able to reliably predict design performance.


Climbing Data Mountains

Are you on the mountain or in the valley? Learn how The Fauquier Bank uses its data assets to decrease expenses, boost process efficiency, and improve data governance with automated and repeatable data models. Several examples will show the ease of bringing data together from a variety of locations such as cold storage, data warehouse, and the company network.


The Data-Supported Deception: False Insights

ML and AI is experiencing a revolution in the scale of usage and applications. A common and frequent step in the ML model development process is the use of data to extract insights about the process being modeled and optimized. However, insights based on data could often show unreal trends and relationships.


Sam Mahalingam and Dr. Carsten Bange Fireside Chat

Join Sam Mahalingam and Dr. Carsten Bange for a discussion on the latest trends influencing the world of data analytics.


Advancing Data Analytics Strategies for Increased Business Value

Harnessing the full benefits of enterprise data solutions doesn’t happen overnight. At Altair we understand operationalizing analytics is a journey and we want to be your partner every step of the way. Learn how we’re delivering you the most value with our comprehensive enterprise data analytics solutions, flexible licensing model and expert global support services.


Unlock and Transform Difficult Data

Informed decision making begins with trusted, accurate data. Discover how to seamlessly connect to and easily transform disparate data using repeatable tasks using no-code data preparation from Altair.


Harness the Power of Machine Learning while Building Trust Using Explainable Analytics

Explore how business analysts and data scientists alike can leverage data science modeling at all skill levels, without having to code. Quickly build out predictive and prescriptive models that can easily explain and quantify insight found in your data.


Next-Level Operational Business Intelligence: Make Every Nanosecond of Data Count

Seeking a competitive edge to drive better business decisions? Experience how the power of real-time stream processing and visualization in the hands of those closest to the action results in smarter tactical and strategic decision making in rapidly changing environments.

ATC Presentations

Transform Your Business into a Data-Driven Enterprise

Altair has brought together a powerhouse team leveraging expertise in data prep, visualization, and machine learning to deliver a fully integrated end-to-end cloud native and on-premise data analytics platform. This is your chance to check out the features and how this new solution enables corporate citizens to build and operationalize data analytics applications using an extensible, open and low code platform.


Leveraging Data and Analytics in Retail, Insurance, and Telco

Learn how Altair's Data Analytics platform can help you ingest and prepare massive amounts of disparate data allowing you to identify clients that may be most likely to churn using our predictive analytics solutions.


Using Real-time Data to Maximize Customer Order Flow

Learn how Panopticon, Altair's real-time steaming analytics platform, can monitor customer trading activity in real-time to help you proactively address execution problems, maximize customer order flow and increase trading profitability.


Leveraging Predictive Analytics in a Telehealth Environment

Hospitals and health systems are seeing huge increases in virtual medical visits, and it's expected that this trend will continue. Understanding how to best utilize telehealth will require a coordinated approach to analytics. Learn how healthcare organizations are leveraging existing data and predictive analytics to improve quality of care, optimize patient adherence, and reduce hospitalization and readmittance rates through teleheath engagement.


The Value of Data Analytics in the Smart Factory

Increase shop floor efficiency by identifying hidden indicators for future down times in your manufacturing assets. Explore how Altair enables enterprises to leverage operational data throughout the complete data lifecycle - from shop floor to top floor - for increased value and reduced risk.


Self Service Data Transformation in the Federal Government; A look at Maintenance, Accounting, and Criminal Investigation Analytics

Explore how Altair’s self-service data analytics platform enables people of all skill levels to access, generate, and use smart data to make insightful, informed decisions. We’ll be joined by our solution specialist to see how different federal government data sets, including maintenance analytics data, accounting data and criminal investigation data, can be easily transformed and business processes automated.


Smart Data for Intelligent Decision Making in Higher Education

Enrollment accuracy and student retention is essential to the survival of any university. Join us to explore how you can leverage your existing data and no code predictive models to make strategic decisions with confidence - even under intense pressure.


Accelerate Exception Reporting for Daily Debit Reconciliation

Learn how banks and credit unions save hundreds of hours per year using Altair Monarch to automate the identification of exceptions in the daily debit card reconciliation process. We’ll demonstrate how we extract and transform data from both the core banking system and the debit processing solution and use filtering and calculated fields to identify the transactions requiring investigation.


Basic Data Prep Using Monarch

Basic Data Prep will cover the simplest changes that can be made after the data has been extracted from Report Design. Once data is brought into the prepare window, it can be manipulated further while creating a repeatable and effective process. Mastering Basic Data Prep will allow the user to refine the information that they want to focus on.

Presentations, Training Materials

Advanced Data Prep Using Monarch

Taking you beyond simple column operations and transformations, the Advanced Data Prep module will explore how to recreate complex manual tasks in a repeatable fashion. Being familiar with these skills will allow user to address complex data transformation challenges and establish the relationship between column level operations and tabular level transformations.

Presentations, Training Materials

Unleash the Power of Data for Smart Enterprise Operations - Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and More

From finance to marketing to human resources – data is more than just numbers – it’s business value waiting to be discovered. Explore how Altair’s self-service data analytics platform provides teams the tools they need to solve problems and create opportunities. Leveraging 30 years of experience in data preparation and no-code machine learning, we tackle common challenges like regulatory and reporting reconciliation that involve multiple data sources, talent retention, and customer segmentation. For large enterprises with robotic process automation solutions, Altair refines those architectures and automates the data transformation from the data extracts.


Monarch Spotlight Series: Monarch at 30 Years - New Features and Little Known Attributes

Monarch has been the leader in self-service data preparation for over 30 years. With our newest release, we’ve made even your most difficult data prep challenges even simpler.
With the inclusion of Worksheet Design, we can now take your structured, formatted spreadsheets (for example, Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets) and simplify the extraction of the data with a few clicks. We’ve also upgraded our PDF engine to make even the most unruly PDFs a snap to trap.


No Code, Automated Data Transformation

Altair Monarch is the fastest and easiest way to extract data sources like PDFs, spreadsheets, and text files, as well as legacy data applications.


Harnessing Smart Factory Data for Maximum Value and Reduced Risk

Increase shop floor efficiency by identifying hidden anomalies and delivering insights for next-level monitoring and maintenance of manufacturing assets. Explore how Altair enables enterprises to leverage operational data throughout the complete data lifecycle - from shop floor to top floor - for increased value and reduced risk with a comprehensive self-service data analytics and machine learning platform.


Altair 2020 and Beyond

James R. Scapa brings more than 35 years of engineering experience to his dual role of chairman and CEO of Altair, a title he has held since the company's inception in 1985.


Decision Making Under the “New Normal”

“Altair transforms design and decision making by applying simulation, machine learning and optimization throughout product lifecycles”. We envisioned and matured our platform to provide a helping hand in taking our customers through the digital transformation journey to enable business transformation.


Altair Monarch Celebrates 30 Years

Interactive presentation showcasing 30 years of data analytics innovation with Altair Monarch.


Master Data in Higher Education

Altair Data Analytics offers a suite of data transformation and machine learning tools that empower educational institutions to unlock the value in their data, enabling improvements in teaching approaches and academic operations management.


Self Service Data Transformation In The Federal Government: A Look At Criminal Investigation, Accounting, and Maintenance Analytics

Explore how Altair’s self-service data analytics platform enables federal authorities to access, generate, and use smart data to make insightful, informed decisions. We’re joined by our Solution Specialist to see how different federal government data sets, including criminal investigation data and maintenance analytics data, can be easily transformed and business processes automated.

Videos, Webinars

Advance Your RPA Initiatives

Reduce hard costs, save time, and improve output quality in financial reporting.


Monarch License Server Datasheet

Altair Monarch™ is the industry’s leading self-service data preparation solution. For larger deployments with multiple users, Altair offers the ability to centrally manage your licenses.