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Altair nanoFluidX™ Applications

nanoFluidX® is a smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool used by various industries (automotive, aerospace, maritime, and civil) to predict free-surface or multiphase flow behavior in the presence of complex moving geometries or extreme flow deformation (sloshing and mixing). The solver has been optimized for use on graphics processing units (GPU), ensuring minimal turn-around time and bringing previously impossible design exploration ventures into every day industrial workflow.

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Gearbox Oiling

nanoFluidX realistically simulates oil flow within various drivetrain components in automotive, aerospace and heavy industries (e.g. manual or automatic gearboxes, differentials, auxiliary aerospace gearboxes etc.).

Conventional CFD simulations of a gearbox or transparent housing experiments are incompatible with the modern design process as they take too long and are often prohibitively expensive.

nanoFluidX allows for fast design iterations and explorations, reducing the need for excessive physical tests and driving development costs down.

nanoFluidX enables engineers to optimize efficiency by reducing churning losses, ensuring sufficient oil flow to critical areas and improving reliability while reducing the total oil amount.

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Water Wading and Water Management

nanoFluidX’s intrinsic capabilities make it ideal for studying high-deformation free surface flows. Whether it is a vehicle passing through a body of water (pool or a puddle), or water sliding down the windshield and into the engine bay, nanoFluidX does it extremely fast.

It is possible to perform an analysis of various vehicle under-body designs under different water wading scenarios and choose the optimal design based on structural integrity of the body panels and allowed or desired water reach.

Similarly, handling of various water management scenarios is trivial, making sure that the water does not reach any unintended areas.

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Developing the Electric Drivetrain of Tomorrow - How Numerical Tools can Support Cooling and Lubrication System Development

We are right at the beginning of the new mobility era with deep impact on the architecture of cars. Hybridization and electrification are the dominating topics in the automobile industry and consequently the powertrain of cars comes into the focus. However, the development of smart and efficient drive assemblies is challenging due to different and increasing demands such as legal restrictions. Numerical simulations can provide profitable support in the development of such components, especially when they are adopted during the early stages of the design process.

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CFD Simulation for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Development

Gareth Lee, Senior CFD Specialist at Altair presents at the 2019 UK e-Mobility Seminar. How multiphase SPH can support cooling and lubrication system development. Improving powertrain efficiency and thermal management for better EV performance.


CFD Oilsplash Simulation in Driveline CAE

A brief presentation on how GKN Driveline performs CFD Oilsplash Simulation using nanoFluidX.

Customer Stories, Presentations

CFD for Oiling and Thermal Management of Drivetrain Components

CFD for Oiling and Thermal Management of Drivetrain Components, presented by Dr. Miloš Stanić, Product Manager at Altair during the ATCx CFD 2020.

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