Altair nanoFluidX™

Particle-based Fluid Dynamics Simulation

New Features

Riemann Solver

nanoFluidX 2019.0 introduces a cutting-edge low-dissipation Riemann solver leading to improved accuracy, smoother pressure field representation and advanced multiphase formulation. In addition, all gradient calculations are now 2nd order accurate. Together these improvements make for the most advanced SPH solver on the market.

Multiphase simulation of the FZG test rig using the Riemann solver.

nanoFluidXcompanion (nFXc)

The new post-processing tool significantly speeds up the workflow while providing unique insights to the simulation data. Besides the speed, using nFXc enables users to easily transfer nanoFluidX data into AcuSolve to perform quasi-steady-state thermal simulations.

Flow structure in an auxiliary systems aerospace gearbox.

Operational Modes

Previously to attain optimal performance or desired fidelity, a certain level of proficiency was needed given the wide range of options to setup nanoFluidX. Now, by introducing more user-friendly operational modes, with a single command users can choose between opting for a few-hours run in single phase (DESIGN mode) or a more conventional multiphase run (NORMAL mode): useful for many fast simulations during early phases of the design process, then more refined multiphase analysis at later stages.


EV gearbox, with input shaft RPM of 6500 and 2 s of physical time can be simulated in 5 hours using the DESIGN mode.