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PBScloud.io: Altair simplifies access to cloud HPC

Announcing the general availability of PBScloud.io, Altair’s new turnkey platform for cloud HPC TROY, Mich., July 11, 2017 - Altair is excited to announce the availability of PBScloud.io, its latest appliance solution to enable and expand cloud computing for organizations. PBScloud.io allows users to model, build and run High Performance Computing (HPC) appliances on both public and private clouds, as well as bare-metal infrastructures.

“PBScloud.io is the most intuitive solution to build and run HPC appliances on the cloud while enabling users to bring any third party applications using the bring your own license (BYOL) model,” said Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technical Officer at Altair. “It is a perfect illustration of Altair’s continued commitment to providing its customers with powerful ways to leverage HPC in the cloud in order to realize their innovation potential.”

Key Features in PBScloud.io include:

Multi-Cloud Management: Users are free to use more than one cloud provider and can deploy PBScloud.io on a public cloud, private cloud and bare-metal.

Security & Governance: PBScloud.io offers secured set up and the ability to customize security policies.

Lifecycle Management: PBScloud.io is packed with enterprise features, including appliance lifecycle management, which allows users to create, deploy and then remove appliances.

Easy Deployment: With PBScloud.io you can deploy complex infrastructures in minutes without access to any other tools.

“Our mission is to bring together all modern automation tools to make HPC in the cloud easier,” said Jérémie Bourdoncle, Product Manager of PBScloud.io. “With PBScloud.io, we liberate HPC administrators from complex and time-consuming deployment tasks and let them focus on what matters: innovation.”

Click here to try PBScloud.io for free. Learn more at www.pbscloud.io.

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