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Aligning Data Strategies

Despite their high perceptions and near-universal presence, spreadsheets continue to fly under the radar. For many data leaders, that represents bad news. Now is the time for data leaders to take ownership of and responsibility for spreadsheets and their use as one of many tools in the business intelligence (BI) and analytics portfolio. How else can organizations leverage spreadsheets and other tools to align their BI operations? Find out in this latest report from Dresner Advisory Services. 

Executive Summary

  1. In 82% of organizations, all or most business users leverage spreadsheets for analyzing data and making decisions.
  2. Almost all organizations perceive spreadsheets as strategic or necessary.
  3. A high majority of organizations expect their use of spreadsheets will stay the same or increase.
  4. Organizations that report the highest level of data literacy report both the highest spreadsheet use and the highest spreadsheet discouragement.
  5. Spreadsheets play a large role in more frequent data-driven decision-making.
  6. Organizations that consider their BI initiatives as having the highest level of success show a slight tendency to report all or most people using spreadsheets least often.
  7. Organizations that consider their BI initiatives somewhat unsuccessful or unsuccessful report the greatest likelihood of all or most people using spreadsheets.
  8. Organizations whose users find it extremely easy to access analytic content tend to rely on spreadsheets the least.

You can read and download the full report, “Time to Take Ownership and Align Spreadsheets With Your Data Strategies and Programs” here.

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