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Altair Welcomes XenomatiX and Applus+IDIADA to the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair is proud to announce the addition of two companies to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) – XenomatiX and Applus+IDIADA.  Both firms offer digitalized road data for the automotive industry and will give Altair customers access to an expanded library of highly accurate road data sets, which will enhance vehicle dynamics simulation in Altair® MotionSolve®.

Through the APA, IDIADA will offer Altair MotionSolve users its IDIADA Spain Virtual Proving Ground (ISVPG) surfaces, which recreate and simulate road conditions and are compatible with any tire model. Some of the 13 different simulated tracks and road conditions include General Road, Dry Handling, Wet Handling, and Fatigue Tracks, which all simulate different conditions and aspects of tire and vehicle performance in diverse conditions. In addition to the tracks, MotionSolve enhances the development of components, control systems, and full vehicles, and saves manufacturers time and costs associated with real-life physical testing and track sessions. The software can also help manufacturers hone vehicles’ durability, comfort, and performance.

“We are excited to offer our digital twin technology in the Altair Partner Alliance and bolster Altair users’ capabilities,” said Javier Gutiérrez, product coordinator of digital environments, Applus+ IDIADA. “With our solutions, MotionSolve users can now access more realistic, more diverse road conditions to better optimize their component, tire, and vehicle technology.”

In addition to IDIADA’s offerings, Altair users will now also have access to digital road data tracked by its high-precision Road LiDAR, XenoTrack. Through XenoTrack, different road pavement types and their unique characteristics are available, including paved surfaces like concrete, asphalt, cobblestone, and unpaved surfaces like dirt, gravel, and sand. Studying the pavement type’s influence on vehicle behavior will give Altair users insight regarding road-vehicle interaction. With these tools, users will have the power to combine real-world road inputs to model components and design elements more accurately.

“With XenomatiX’s tools, OEMs and auto manufacturers who utilize the APA will get access to high-quality technology that accurately models down to the millimeter,” said Kris De Meester, vice president of sales and marketing, XenomatiX. “Thanks to the APA, Altair users can now expand their simulation tools with real-life road input data.”

To learn more about these Altair Partner Alliance additions, check out the introductory webinars for both XenomatiX and IDIADA.