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Thought Leader Thursday: Clearly We Have Touched a Nerve

Altair is calling product and experience creators worldwide to Converge.

Although many of us at Altair think of convergence in terms of the mathematical definition “to approach a limit as the terms increase” (e.g. optimization convergence), in this case we are really talking about the primary definition, “to come together and unite in a common interest or focus”.

Our ideal agenda for these events involves mixing together industrial designers, architects, inventors, design engineers, as well as students and professors from these fields, so it’s a bit of a challenge to explain the ‘focus’ of the event. But invariably, when we talk to each of these groups about our intent; to bring together the design and technology communities for the betterment of both, to share experiences of how to leverage technology in design, and to create desirable product design, the conversation starts flowing, heads start nodding, and eyes light up. The level of emotion shows there has been a void between these groups and a shared interest to bring these creative minds together – not in the form of a development process but with a common goal to achieve what was impossible before.

Clearly, we have touched a nerve.

In Jim Scapa’s recent blog post he explained the goal and motivation behind the new solidThinking Converge conference series beginning in L.A. this September and proceeding East through Europe and Asia. As you hear quite clearly from Jim, we at Altair believe strongly in the vision of leveraging modern technology and design to push the boundaries and radically change the way products and experiences are created, and this conference series is consistent with that vision.

That’s the “Why”. So the next question is “How?”

The answer to the previous question is usually a lot of hard work by many people, and this is no exception. For the last several months, a team of amazing Altairians has been diligently planning a meaningful conference platform, appealing to designers and engineers alike, to explore the intersection of design and technology. We’ve spoken to domain experts within our global channel network, technology partners, and dozens of thought-provoking influential speakers, many of whom are now committed to this event and listed in our recent press release and on our converge2016 website. It’s an impressive list.

The reaction to our outreach has greatly exceeded our expectations. Our customers, sponsors, partners and speakers have reacted in an overwhelmingly positive way, with commitments to speak, attend and exhibit. I can assure you that this immediate commitment is very encouraging when you’re venturing into the unknown, trying to start a global conference series from a blank sheet of paper and a commitment to your boss.

For many years the traditional engineer saw only the function, and the designer saw only the form. No longer are these worlds to be separated. Technology wants and needs to be embraced by the design community, and modern design is in turn embracing technology for inspiration and completion. As these worlds continue to converge Altair is proud to have a history in both worlds and to celebrate their union.

So far, the people who have learned about this event and share a passion for this topic have embraced this event by committing to speak, exhibit, and attend.

We hope this message reaches you and that you feel similarly, and make time in your schedule to be with your colleagues and expand your mind to the possibilities when our worlds converge.