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Don’t be Fooled by Your Data

April Fools has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear of being tricked- especially when it pertains to your data. Market research has found that only 12% of enterprise data is used to make decisions, meaning that 88% of data is not currently being analyzed. Many organizations are making strategic decisions without a holistic view of their data, because so much of it is trapped in complex files from multiple data sources.

In order to not be fooled by your data, you must ensure that you have access to all of your information, even those trapped in PDF reports. With Monarch, businesses can be sure that they have all of their data at their disposal for analysis and decision making. The Table Extractor tool allows for automated or manual extraction of data from narrative and complexly formatted PDF reports. It can automatically find tables in large documents and extract that data for further data preparation. Additionally, with a simple drag and drop, Monarch enables business users to pull data out of reports without any manual data rekeying.

By eliminating opportunities for human error, Monarch Complete Table Extractor ensures further data quality when blending, cleaning, and transforming data tables. After the data has been wrangled, with Monarch’s native support for visualization and advanced analytics tools, the prepared data can be leveraged for a variety of tasks.  From analytics to operational processes, Monarch Complete with Table Extractor can make sure you’re not being fooled by incomplete data.