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Healthier, Happier Reporting: Part Two

Last week I offered the first in a series of easy-to-adopt resolutions for improved data prep and analytics in the new year. Below are a few more that will hopefully get you motivated and on the road to happier, healthier reporting.

Get organized. Isn’t the New Year a good time to get out from under your data pile? We think so too. A self-service data prep solution allows you to provide a unified view of data from a range of sources – including PDFs, HTML, text documents and Excel files without having to undergo a laborious, time-consuming exercise. With data ordered logically, you can identify trends – good or bad – which could lead to a host of opportunities to capitalize on strengths or address weaknesses.

Read more. This year, resolve to gain knowledge on a variety of data preparation topics and fine-tune your data prep skills. We’ll make it easy. Simply check out the Altair blog or read up on our case studies.

Reduce stress. Looking for some Zen? Who isn’t? When it comes to relatively stressful periods of time or situations in a business, real-time analytics can be just what the doctor ordered. Data preparation tools can aid in relieving stress by allowing users to get critical, fresher and actionable data faster without having to deal with the hassles of spreadsheet limitations or dependence on IT resources. Ohm.

Network. Last, but certainly not least, mingle! Join the Data Preparation LinkedIn Group to learn from other data prep pros with similar interests and challenges. Get answers to your questions and network with other analysts, statisticians and architects.

Isn’t it time you made your life – and your data prep and analytics – a little easier? You don’t have to wait until next year! Resolve to have happier, healthier reporting now! Start with your free trial of Monarch self-service data prep today!