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Next Gen Solution for Self-Service Data Preparation

The next big trend to hit the data analytics market this year is data socialization. According to Forbes, data socialization adds social functionality to a data strategy and is changing the way organizations think about how to share data and how they operate when it comes to making that data available.

“Companies are looking for ways to reap the benefits of self-service data solutions,” said Dave Wells, analyst at Eckerson Research. “An online data marketplace where users and analysts can search datasets, see how their peers are using the information and then select the right dataset for their needs minimizes redundancy, increases efficiency and prevents the use of incomplete data and resulting flawed analysis. Data socialization’s agile, crowdsourcing technique will also lead to effective data governance as IT can gain valuable insights on how users are using data through socialization and crowdsourcing techniques, enabling them to provide validated data sets to business users for analysis.”

Knowledge Hub embodies all the capabilities of Altair’s self-service data preparation solution as well as advanced collaboration, data cataloging and crowdsourcing features to fit this need. The platform’s key features include:

  • Social Landing Page – Quickly locate data assets and see how others are using and rating the data for preparation and analysis
  • Web-Based Data Preparation – Access robust data preparation capabilities anytime, anywhere
  • Data Cataloging and Browsing – Easily search data sets and folders indexed by user, type, application and unique data values to quickly locate the most relevant information for analytical use
  • Personalized, User Interface – Using machine learning capabilities, receive suggestions on relevant data sources and data preparation actions
  • Data Governance – Share sanctioned data sets for reuse and consistency to support auditing and regulatory compliance reporting
  • Gamification – Leverage motivational concepts and techniques to encourage decision makers to engage and collaborate with one another – both to drive participation and to better their ability to make more informed decisions