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PDF Data Extraction Made Easy

In a world where the amount of data and complexity of sources is rapidly growing and expanding, it is becoming more essential for data to be easily organized for analysis. This process typically includes manually converting data from one raw form into another format to allow for more convenient consumption and organization of the data. This manual process of data extraction, especially from PDF reports, is an arduous task for business users in every industry.

In many cases, business users must spend hours re-keying data from PDF reports into a worksheet. Once this process is complete, users still have to blend the data with other datasets before they can begin analyzing the information. Often VLOOKUPs are used, but as many analysts know, this formula leaves much to be desired when fields are formatted differently from one report to another. Therefore, extracting data from a PDF report and blending it with other datasets could take hours, days or even weeks each time.

For business users who spend too much time manually extracting and manipulating data, there is an easier way. With Altair Monarch PDF to Excel conversion, which has been around since 2005, data extraction problems are issues of the past. Monarch dramatically reduces the time spent collecting and organizing unruly data before it can be utilized, due to its intelligent recognition algorithm that automatically identifies the structure of the data in a document.

Altair Monarch’s sophisticated PDF report extraction technology sets it apart from all other data preparation tools on the market. Just ask MasterCard’s 13-person reconciliation team, who each week spent 40-80 hours re-typing data line by line from multi-page PDF reports into Excel. Using Monarch, MasterCard was able to gain back the 40-80 hours spent on data extraction, and refocused its attention the data analysis and strategy.

Monarch’s simple, user-friendly PDF to Excel report extraction is a powerful way to help organizations of all sizes save time, money and effort while unlocking hard-to-reach data.