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Technology Convergence, Ingenious Creativity, and a Whole Lot of Fun – LA Converge Reflections

As I was flying out to our solidThinking Converge2016 conference, my mind was where it should have been for any good host:  making sure that our attendees would have a flawless experience and feel the time spent was worth their while.   We had great speakers lined up, the band was supposed to be good, the food was all set, and the weather looked great for the outdoor events. I knew my awesome marketing team was going to solve any problems, and bulldoze the endless list of little logistical things with ease.

As the warm-up introductory speaker and emcee, little was expected from me other than engaging the audience, communicating logistics and goals, then getting our program speakers started.

Jeff Brennan, Chief Marketing Officer, Altair

The audience seemed to react well to our forward-looking message of design and technology convergence, our CEO gave a great opening talk, I introduced the first speaker, and then – WOW! What happened the rest of the two days was amazing.

James Scapa, Chairman and CEO, Altair

What I saw from my better-than-front-row seat, was perhaps the best set of inspiring and well-prepared presentations I have ever seen at a conference.  Ralph Gilles’ vision for the future of transportation design and his engaging personality was the perfect start.

Ralph Gilles, Head of Design, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

I was enraptured by Janine Benyus’ calculations showing that optimization technology has saved the equivalent of 280 Sequoia National Forests since 2000.

Janine Benyus, Co-founder of Biomimicry 3.8

Julia Korner’s presentation on digital design processes was mind blowing.

Julia Korner, Architect & Designer, UCLA Architecture and Urban Design Department

Jason Lopes talk on digital design and 3-D printing in Hollywood movies and entertainment thrilled the audience.

Jason Lopes, Lead Systems Engineer, Legacy Effects

Every speaker had something profoundly forward-thinking and thought-stretching to say.  If I had paid money to be there it would have been a great investment.

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So where do we go next?  Physically, we’re off to Germany for Converge Europe, and then to four events throughout Asia. Philosophically, we are off to the races, enthused to continue pushing the envelope with regard to the merging of left-and-right brain thinking, art and design, technology and creation.

We are going to make sure that we always look at Altair’s technology not as an end unto itself, but as part of the colorful enabling environment that is allowing us to help more of humanity reach its potential.  Stay tuned.