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The Socialization of Enterprise Data

In a world that has become increasingly dependent on spreading data through socialization – whether it be media, politics, healthcare, entertainment or more – the need for smart businesses to adapt is clear. Commodities, including enterprise data, need to be managed and governed in a way that allows access to the right people at the right time, enabling business to happen at ever increasing speeds. If important information is not available in a timely and convenient manner, then the opportunity for taking full advantage of that data has already passed.

Effort must be made to empower businesses to access their data in smarter and faster ways, and share that data across the enterprise in a secure and dependable way. The quick sorting, cleaning, and blending of that critical data is becoming the base expectation for successful insights. Check out this infographic to see the next step in the evolution of data prep and how socialization is the key to smart data management.

Knowledge Hub is the first data prep tool that incorporates data socialization, collaboration, data cataloging and governance.