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European Rocket Company for Small Satellites and Payload Services Gets a Boost; PLD Space Receives Altair Support

Altair supports a Spanish start-up company by contributing HyperWorks software and engineering expertise

Troy, Mich., June 13, 2017 – Altair is supporting PLD Space (#NewSpace), via its local Spanish “HyperWorks Start-up Program” with HyperWorks® software licences and engineering expertise. PLD Space is a European rocket company developing a family of reusable micro launchers to provide suborbital & orbital launch services for small satellites & payloads.

The company began using the Altair software in February 2017 with a main focus on structural analysis. The HyperWorks structural analysis tools are used to ensure correct structural behavior during each stage of the launch, including load path development, initial sizing and strength check. HyperMesh® is the preferred pre-processor for the team, HyperView® is used for post-processing tasks, and OptiStruct® for structural analysis. In addition to that, the team also plans to apply OptiStruct for structural optimizations, and HyperCrash® as well as RADIOSS® for impact analysis.

“I came across HyperWorks when I used HyperMesh in different aerospace projects in the past. I immediately realized how easy it is to work with this software and its versatility,” said Gerardo Cordero Vaca, Rocket Stress Engineer PLD Space. “For us the main advantages of Altair’s software compared to other tools are its versatility in working with different solvers and the accuracy of the structural analysis. In addition, HyperMesh lets us mesh structural components very quickly and hence helps us shorten the pre-processing time. Altair gives us a competitive edge, by supporting our aerospace project with highly competitive software.”

“I’m very proud that we at Altair can support such an innovative project with our software and expertise,” said Stefano Deiana, country manager of Altair Spain. “Facilitating access to space to small customers, for technological commercialization and peaceful scientific research advancement, as PLD Space is planning to do, is very well worth our support. It is always fun to work with these young and energetic teams and I’m sure HyperWorks will give PLD Space the cutting edge to get ahead in their development plans quickly. “

The Spanish “HyperWorks Start-up Program” offers software and engineering support to small and newly founded companies. The program seeks out dynamic and young start-ups in Spain that are focused on the development of innovative products with a strong technological approach. In general, Altair intends to provide product-oriented companies with the latest technology to get better results in a shorter period of time.

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