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The Integration of Altair’s Geomechanics Director with Rockfield’s Elfen Solver Boosts Geomechanical Post-Processing Capabilities

TROY, Mich. – April 6, 2017 – Altair’s Geomechanics Director (GeoD), a custom software and services solution, that dramatically increases efficiency of Mechanical Earth Modelling, has been successfully integrated with Rockfield’s Elfen technology. This integration gives Engineers and Scientists greatly enhanced post-processing capabilities for Geomechanics applications; including the ability to read and post-process Elfen results in GeoD. One of the highlights is the ability to visualize Elfen results, seamlessly, as large as 60 gigabytes in size. This capability increases throughput and enables analysts to focus on scenarios of greater complexity and physics with an easy to use tool. This increases the technical proficiency and knowledge at the organizational level by leveraging state of the art technologies.

Rockfield solver, Elfen, is a state-of-the-art Discrete Finite Element Solver for widespread applications within Geomechanics. Its capabilities include large strain simulations of the evolution of geological structures, predicting static and dynamic responses of subsurface at reservoir scale, modelling the wellbore as well as answering challenging fracture design problems at multiple scales.

“We are very happy to work with Rockfield as we integrate Elfen unique solutions in the GeoD. This will help our customers facing a wide range of complex challenges within Geomechanics. We are looking forward to the benefits customers of both companies will gain from this alliance,” Jorge Pena, GeoD Project Manager, Altair.

“Rockfield are excited about the opportunity of once again opening up integration options with leading edge 3rd party software solutions, such as Altair, in order to provide to both our existing and new clients the opportunity of embedding the Elfen software into their already established software workflows and to assist in making the solutions to advanced geomechanical applications a reality,” John Cain, CEO, Rockfield Global Technologies.

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