The Next Generation of HyperWorks

Driving Even More Design with Simulation

Hyperworks UI

Altair HyperWorks has been reimagined to bring all applications under one common user experience, leveraging comprehensive domain knowledge and AI with advanced solutions for NVH, crash, CFD, manufacturing and more. From concept design to detailed product development, through manufacturing simulation and system level digital twins, we’ve integrated the HyperWorks suite for the product lifecycles of today’s complex and connected products. 

Other simulation platforms claim to unify your teams, tools and data by threading modeling tasks together across a patchwork of disparate software. The next generation HyperWorks experience was created to enable your team to move from physics to physics, domain to domain or even create reports without ever leaving the model. Every tool in the suite delivers a solution specific workflow with a meticulously designed and discoverable user-interface, differentiated for each user profile, but still familiar across the toolset. 

Altair started delivering on this vision with the initial release of Inspire and has continued to bring more and more functionality to our customers with each release. Learn about the reimagining of Altair HyperMesh and how your product development can benefit today. 

Enhanced User Experience

Driving More Design with Simulation 

The enhanced user experience and simulation of a broad range of interconnected systems brings improved business outcomes:

  • Faster product development – HyperWorks provides applications for design, simulation and manufacturing in a single model-centric platform, eliminating conversion inaccuracy and inefficiency. Easy-to-learn, effective workflows that leverage domain knowledge increase team productivity.
  • Reduced product failures – Use multi-disciplinary, multiphysics and multi-model exploration to create high-fidelity simulations of your products in every operating environment. Optimize designs directly within your modeling environment and produce robust designs across the broadest spectrum of physics.
  • Lower development costs – Experiment, invent and innovate with virtual product development. Fail fast and succeed earlier by identifying your most promising concepts earlier though quick studies with HyperWorks tools that accurately model structures, mechanisms, fluids, electromagnetics, electrical, embedded software, systems design and manufacturing processes.

Transition on Your Timeline

For long-term customers both the new and established HyperWorks desktop experiences will be available with no loss of existing functionality, allowing customers to transition on their own timeline. The next generation HyperWorks experience brings a user-experience with tutorials, context menus, improved manipulation, display controls and model browser, while using the industry standard HyperMesh file and underlying database. Your models, scripts and processes from earlier HyperMesh versions will continue to work.

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