Reducing Lead Time and Increasing Vehicle Quality with Squeak and Rattle Simulation

Although hugely experienced in modern CAE techniques, CKNA had not fully explored the potential of using simulation technologies to investigate Squeak and rattle issues before physical hardware production.

Altair ProductDesign (PD) has extensive experience analyzing squeak and rattle having studied the methodology extensively and performed the simulation for numerous clients. These projects eventually led to the development of the packaged solution, Squeak and Rattle Director (SnRD). SnRD is a comprehensive set of software automations that rapidly identify and analyze design alternatives to eliminate the root causes of squeak and rattle in assemblies.

CKNA had squeak and rattle issues in some of their products
and Altair was able to offer the Squeak and Rattle Director, as well as insight into the methodology of squeak and rattle, to better help them correlate their simulation results with the actual performance of the products being developed. Altair was also able to provide perspective on the prerequisites required for such analyses, including which modeling techniques should be used, how to increase the fidelity of the finite element (FE) models, what kinds of loads should be applied, which methods are appropriate for correlation and prediction, etc. Another important aspect that should be considered is the correlation of the material data from the component to the system level and providing processes on how to do that with the help of CKNA’s test department and by applying simulation earlier.

All of this information was provided to CKNA by working jointly on a cockpit project. Each step of the modeling, simulation and test results analysis was completed hand-in-hand by the two companies, wrapping up with a two-day onsite workshop with the CKNA Squeak and Rattle team led by Elizabeth Patterson.

With Altair PD’s help on the cockpit project, CKNA gained knowledge of the squeak and rattle methodology and learned how to improve FE model fidelity through better correlation. CKNA also learned how using SnRD to detect squeaks and rattles earlier in the development process can improve the overall final product design.

Coming away from this experience, CKNA can cut project development time considerably and potentially gain more clients than previously possible by adding the squeak and rattle CAE based prevention methodology and simulation capability to their portfolio of services.