Innovation in Golf Club Design for Wilson's Driver vs. Driver Competition

Increased levels of competition in the sporting industry has caused sports and leisure equipment developers to rethink the way they create products. There is a higher demand for faster, lighter, stronger items, so companies are relying on innovative design thinking and turning to computer-aided engineering (CAE) to assist in improving product designs in ways never done before. It is now standard practice to experiment with materials, aerodynamics, alternative designs, etc. with the help of simulation, optimization and design software to weigh the pros and cons of any given changes.

Wilson developed a concept for a television competition, called Driver vs. Driver, to encourage innovation in the golf industry, and enlisted Altair ProductDesign to assist the contestants during the development process due to their extensive design and CAE expertise.


Altair compiled a group of designers from all over the globe to help each team participating on Driver vs. Driver bring their designs to life. The designers developed the contestants’ initial designs through ideation sketches and 3D modeling in solidThinking Evolve, a design tool that allows rapid concept development and creation of digital models from sketches and ideas.

Once the designs were close to final, they were tested in Altair HyperWorks' Virtual Wind Tunnel to analyze their aerodynamic performance and the necessary tweaks were made in order to ensure optimal performance of the final club.

Throughout the project, the contestants were able to make significant improvements to their designs by having the opportunity to create digital models to evaluate the structural and technical details while simulating aerodynamic performance. The simulation and digital modeling capability allowed the freedom to experiment with the designs and identify viable options more quickly, freeing up time to focus on other aspects of the club and ultimately deliver a world class and highly innovative product to the golfing world.