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Structural Optimization Based Vibro-acoustic Simulations of a Cableway Gondola

Structural Optimization Based Vibro-acoustic Simulations of a Cableway Gondola

Presentation by Thomas Livebardon, PhD and R&D Project Manager at CT Ingénierie.

Cableways have been recently deployed in a large number of cities, as it offers many benefits such as low investment, low ecological footprint, ease of construction and high reliability. However, its integration in urban areas is facing new issues such as passengers' comfort and noise annoyance. Tackling these challenges, well-known in the automobile and railway sectors, requires optimization techniques able to manage unexpected dynamic behaviors while building innovative concepts.

Following their works in collaborative R&D projects DEFACTO and FAST, CT Ingénierie is developing structural optimizations based methodology for dynamics, using Altair software.

Here, this methodology is applied for building a quieter cableway gondola by considering and optimizing its structure, its interior furnishing and the air inside in a single simulation. Firstly, an identification of structural parts highly contributing to dynamic response is performed. Then, acoustic perception both inside and outside the cabin is reduced using structural optimizations of the entire gondola. Finally, it allows the embodiment of a quieter and more comfortable design proposal.

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