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Optimization Driven Design Applied to Motocross Steering and Suspension Components

Billy Wight, President, Luxon Engineering

The motorcycles used in motocross racing demand light weight and high strength components in order to gain a performance advantage over the competition. A case study of applying Altair HyperWorks optimization techniques, this presentation focuses on t

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Integrated Composites Design with ESAComp and HyperWorks

Markku Palanterä and André Mönicke, Componeering Inc.

The design process of composite structures involves tasks that require special attention and which are not typically covered by general finite element simulation tools.

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The Future of Design, Simulation and Optimization

Dr. Ming Zhou, Sr. Vice President for software development at Altair provides his perspective on the future of design, simulation and optimization. Simulation-driven design has advanced markedly since the turn of the millennium. Optimization algor...

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Imagining a World that Works

To create products and processes that are well-adapted to life, innovators are turning to a new design discipline called biomimicry. Biomimicry consults nature for inspiration, design ideas, and standards. Life has been on Earth for 3.8 billion ye...

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Re-imagining Industry Academia Technology Partnerships in the New Normal

The global pandemic has slowed down the economy and businesses, thereby hastening the decline in the world’s GDP. Ironically, the pandemic impact has also accelerated the advancement of digitalisation in most countries including Malaysia. It is in...

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ATC 2019 - Accelerating analysis cycle time with Optistruct Solver Features

The automobile industry provides many challenges which require the use of leading-edge technologies to keep up with increasing performance demands. All physical structures exhibit nonlinear behavior to some extent. They may be made of rubber or pl...

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