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IBERIABANK Cuts Reconciliation Time from Hours to Minutes with Altair

IBERIABANK was challenged with the time it took to reconcile its general ledger accounts. Learn how IBERIABANK began using Monarch to automate its general ledger reconciliation process.

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Improving Operational Efficiency with the United States Naval Academy Midshipmen Summer Travel Program

Organizing over 3,000 midshipmen for ship travel to locations around the globe is a dynamic, complex and challenging environment in which the United States Naval Academy (USNA) must operate. To address this challenge, USNA required a proven solution with the capability to acquire,
associate, join,

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Self-Service Data Prep Cuts School System’s Payroll, HR and Business Data Processing from Weeks to Hours

As a school system with tight budgets, San Bernardino County needed to be able to efficiently integrate data and provide reporting to comply with the Affordable Care Act and other new regulations, as well as continuously respond to ad hoc informat...

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Delivering Improved Customer Service with a Streamlined Audit Process

Data received by Hungerford Vinton from clients was difficult to work with and in different formats and generated by multiple softwares. Altair Monarch helped convert the data so that it could be easily audited.

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Self-Service Data Prep Saves Marbridge Thousands of Man-Hours in Meeting Reporting Requirements

New IRS regulations mandated by the Affordable Care Act required the Marbridge Foundation to provide detailed reporting on current and past payroll data. However, the nonprofit’s systems could not provide the information necessary, and data output was in the form
of PDFs. Through automated data pre

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Caisse Nationale d'Allocations Familiales (CNAF)

CNAF’s family benefit data had always been handled manually. The information was only available in various text formats and in lists, so extracting any insights was extremely labor-intensive. The organization uses Monarch and Monarch Server across...

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Seafood Provider Forecasts Using the Freshest Data

Icicle’s legacy accounting system, built in-house, was unable to provide access to data in a useful, dynamic format without extensive manual effort. Knowledge Works allows Icicle to automate data capture, preparation and reporting, and generate ad...

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MasterCard Improves Customer Experience Through Self-Service Data Prep

With Altair Monarch, MasterCard can now perform reconciliations faster and provide support for ad hoc analysis for customer service queries and other departments.

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Berkshire Bank HR Analyst Cashes in on Data Prep

Berkshire Bank’s HR Department needed to create and share monthly reports for proper insight into short-term incentive plans, compensation and salary, talent management and internal/external auditing requests. The HR department spent hours collect...

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Earthlite Works Out Collections Process Kinks with Altair® Monarch®

Static accounts receivable report structure prevented Earthlite from being able to sort and organize collections data and perform analysis. The reporting process was time consuming, resource-intensive and susceptible to error, causing delays in th...

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Arbor Financial Increases Efficiency with Accurate Reporting

Without Monarch, Arbor Financial would not have been able to consolidate large reports from core vendors that used many data sets into one database. Arbor Financial can now utilize accurate and efficient data reporting that impacts the organizatio...

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Whitnell & Co. Cuts Report Prep Time from 2 hours to less than 10 minutes with Altair® Monarch®

Monarch has saved Whitnell & Co. hours of time preparing monthly reconciliations and doing side-by-side comparisons, eliminating potential human error. Cutting Report Prep Time from 2 hours to less than 10 minutes.

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Leading Automotive Parts Supplier Reduces Costs, Increases Accuracy with Greater Efficiency in its Reporting using Altair® Monarch®

Leading Automotive Parts Supplier Reduces Costs, Increases Accuracy with Greater Efficiency in its Reporting using Altair Monarch

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