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Detect Anomalies in Manufacturing Equipment and Systems

Identifying unusual behaviors or patterns in machine components using sensor data can prevent small glitches from creating major operational problems.


CAD Based Hydraulic Pump Optimization

Many engineering projects start with CAD geometries. In order to perform design exploration studies and optimization on CAD-based FE models, an automated process is required including CAD, Preprocessor, Solver and Design exploration tools. This ex...

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Shear Wall Layout Optimization

Due to the large scale nature of Architectural, Engineering & Construction projects, frequent change orders, and on-time delivery pressure, more often than not the ability to use traditional simulation methods for design guidance and validation is...

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Breaking the Mold: Altair Inspire Mold Product Launch

With automatic mold generation, instantaneous configuration testing, and always-3D adaptive computation, our design simulation technology is mind-bogglingly fast, friendly, and accurate.

Get a better understanding of part filling, packing, cooling, warpage, while reducing molding defects long bef


Altair Material Data Center Overview

The development of sustainable, efficient, minimum weight designs requires accurate multi domain material properties. Altair Material Data Center enables designers, engineers, and scientists to browse, search and compare materials in a standalone ...

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eGuide to Injection Molding

Nowadays to remain competitive, the need to constantly improve injection molding processes can benefit from modern technological advancements that simulation offers to overcome known disadvantages.


Enhance Aerospace Design Processes And Lower Development Costs with Altair SimSolid

During this webinar, we will showcase a game-changing design simulation technology for structural analysis that can augment and complement established design and PLM processes. Built from the ground up to handle large, complex models, Altair SimSo...


Virtual Product Design of a Medical Autoinjector

Sweden-based Nolato, a global provider of injection molded parts for numerous industrial and medical applications has developed Nolava as a collaborative project with companies including Altair and Avalon Innovation. Nolava is Nolato’s medical sel...

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Introducing Altair Inspire Mold

Altair Inspire Mold provides a modern integrated approach to streamline design for manufacturing (DfM) of injection molded components.

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Innovative Tools for the Next Generation Data Scientist

We’ll take you through Knowledge Studio which is a market-leading easy to use machine learning and predictive analytics solution that rapidly visualizes data as it quickly generates explainable results - without requiring a single line of code.

Knowledge Studio is a perfect fit to help manage cre


Tailgate drainage validation with alsim PAINT SHOP

Experimental validation of simulation results with the drainage of Audi Tailgate proves the competency of alsim PAINT SHOP.

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Lightweight Mining Haulers Optimized

Truck dynamics, control system, thermal, and fatigue analyses all need to be completed when designing a new truck design. Using Altair HyperWorks, Hitachi achieves a 10% weight reduction in the main frame and rigid body, while maintaining product ...

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Capturing Data in Monarch's Excel Worksheet Design

Monarch 2020 includes a new feature known as Spreadsheet Design. It can extract data from complex spreadsheets that might include multiple tabs, conditional cell formatting, and more. Monarch is the only data preparation solution that offers an ea...

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Medical Device Design and Optimization Leveraging Additive Manufacturing

Technology for designing optimized parts for additive manufacturing, from initial design through simulation of the 3-D printing process will be showcased. An extended example using a customized hip-implant will be used to highlight the various te...


Optimizing the Productivity of Mines with Bulk Material Simulation

In this webinar we will introduce EDEM software, explain how it can be used to optimize the performance of bulk material handling and processing equipment, and go through examples of applications in the mining industry.


Challenges faced by mine operators
Introducing EDEM sim


The Future of Thermal Management

Craig Makens from ThermoAnalytics Inc., an APA partner, discusses the future of thermal management.

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The Future of Digital End-to-End Engineering Process and Its Interoperability

Kentaro Fukuta from Elysium Co. Ltd., an APA partner, discusses the future of digital end-to-end engineering process and its interoperability.

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The Future of NVH Simulations

François-Xavier Bécot from MATELYS Research Lab, an APA partner, discusses the future of NVH simulations.

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The Future of Fatigue and Durability Analysis

Jon Aldred from HBM Prensica, an APA partner, discusses the future of fatigue and durability analysis.

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The Future of Plastics Simulation

Wolfgang Korte from PART Engineering, an APA partner, discusses the future of plastics simulation.

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The Future of a More Responsible Foundry Industry

Håkan Fransson from NovaCast Systems AB, an APA partner, discusses the future of a more responsible foundry industry.

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Certified Panorama Thanks to Simulation

When planning offices and foyers to showcase the hallmark values of their customers, many architects benefit from the open and inviting atmosphere of glass structures. Faraone, designer and manufacturer of such lightweight structures, used Altair ...

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The Future of Powertrain Electrification

Oliver Knaus from AVL, an APA partner, discusses the future of powertrain electrification.

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The Future of Automotive Multi-body Dynamic Simulations

Danny Nowlan from ChassisSim, an APA partner, discusses the future of automotive multi-body dynamic simulations.

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The Future of Materials Information in Industry and Emerging Technologies

Neil Bauman from Key to Metals AG, an APA partner, discusses the future of materials information in industry and emerging technologies.

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The Future of the Design Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

Lucas Hellemans from Materialise, an APA partner, discusses the future of design optimization for additive manufacturing.

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The Future of Fatigue Life Prediction

Klaus Hofwimmer from Magna Powertrain, an APA partner, discusses the future of fatigue life prediction.

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Inc. Interview with Jim Scapa, CEO & Founder of Altair​

It takes more than grit to start, maintain, and grow a 35-year-old technology company. Here's how Jim Scapa does it.


Panel Discussion - The Data Driven Enterprise

The panelists for this discussion hosted by Altair CTO Sam Mahalingam, are Joshua Patterson, Sr. Director of Engineering at NVIDIA, Dr. Carsten Bange, Founder & CEO of BARC, Juan Orlandini, Chief Architect, Cloud and Data Center Transformation at ...

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Rapid Chip Design in the Cloud

License-first approach to scheduling enhances resource management

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Project Based Learning in Partnership Industry and University

The cooperative state university (DHBW) Stuttgart is a special type of university where the students’ education is given not only in the university.

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Safety and lightweight of Electric Vehicles: from the Lithium-ion Battery Perspective

With the increasingly stringent environment and energy sustainability, electric vehicles now become a game-changing choice for the automotive industry. By adopting recently developed high energy density, current electric vehicles have solved the “...

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The Future of Technology Panel Discussion

The panelists for this discussion hosted by Altair SVP for Global Sales Ubaldo Rodriguez, are Jason Williamson, Vice President, Oracle for Startups and Oracle for Research, Dr. Mary Boyce, Dean, Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Scie...

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Future of Operational Analysis

Bruce Zulu, Director of Technical Support, Panopticon, Altair, discusses how over the past few years modern analytics and business intelligence (BI) have focused much more heavily on the full analytic workflow which includes data preparation, data...

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Analytics in a No Code World

In this presentation, Mark Do Cuoto, Vice President Data Analytics at Altair, discusses the complexities of Machine Learning and AI. Academia is teaching students how to code in R and Python to build out these ML/AI solutions. Join me to hear how ...

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Learn How Northrop Grumman Uses Altair Asymptotic EM Solver to Validate Measurement

Join us for this OnDemand webinar, where Northrop Grumman engineer Keith Snyder demonstrates Altair Feko simulations to compare with measured patterns of a slant 45-degree omni directional antenna on a rolled edge ground plane. Advantages of using...


Off-road Mobility of an 8x8 Light Armored Vehicle

EDEM, MotionSolve and Activate are used to assess the performance of a 8x8 light armored vehicle (LAV) and to perform stress validation.

Use Cases

Off-road buggy simulation using EDEM coupled with MotionSolve

In this video EDEM is coupled with MotionSolve to accurately predict the performance of an off-road buggy on different terrains. With EDEM, an extensive range of terrains can be modeled to suit the vehicle test requirements, including sand, gravel...

Use Cases

Mobility of a Military Tank Vehicle on Soft Terrains

EDEM, MotionSolve and Activate are used to predict the behavior and performance of a tank vehicle on a sand dune and to study complex maneuvers live a pivot turn.

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Afreecar: Empowering the Whole World​

Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird, Founder of Afreecar LLC discusses the limited utility, and high expense of current rural vehicle and power solutions in many parts of the developing world. Afreecar's plan is to retrofit existing non-motorized vehicl...

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