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Vehicle Dynamics Simulation in Action – Maranello Motorsport Victory in the Bathurst 12 hour

This guest contribution on the Altair Blog is written by the ChassisSim Team. ChassisSim is a member of the Altair Partner Alliance.


CellMod FMU Product Brief

CellMod FMU is the first Li-Ion virtual battery capable of predicting cell and pack behavior. Read the product brief for a complete over of CellMod FMU.


Quick video showcasing CellMod FMU inside Altair Activate

CellMod FMU is the first Li-Ion virtual battery capable of predicting cell and pack behavior. This quick video demonstrates how CellMod FMU integrates with Altair Activate.


Leverage Altair CAE Solvers on the AWS Cloud

More and more companies need fast, affordable, high-fidelity simulations that accelerate product design, taking into account performance and appearance. In addition to traditional CPU-based simulation methodologies, they're beginning to explore GP...


Altair Monarch for Credit Unions

In the first year of adopting the Monarch platform, one client reported an ROI of $15 million and a time savings of over 30,000 hours using a variety of the credit union use cases detailed below. Automate Repetitive Data Access & Data Preparation ...


Arbor Financial Increases Efficiency with Accurate Reporting

Without Monarch, Arbor Financial would not have been able to consolidate large reports from core vendors that used many data sets into one database. Arbor Financial can now utilize accurate and efficient data reporting that impacts the organizatio...

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Altair Compose Interface Tour

Introduction to File Menu, Evaluate Toolbar, Command Window, File/Variable/Project Browser, Property Editor, Help and Tutorials.

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Whitnell & Co. Cuts Report Prep Time from 2 hours to less than 10 minutes with Altair® Monarch®

Monarch has saved Whitnell & Co. hours of time preparing monthly reconciliations and doing side-by-side comparisons, eliminating potential human error. Cutting Report Prep Time from 2 hours to less than 10 minutes.

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Evaluate the Largest Assemblies in Minutes with SimSolid

Moving stage for the Qintai Culture & Art Center in Wuhan, China.
The CAD assembly used for the analysis consisted of 7738 parts, including hundreds of bolts and welds. It required approx. one hour to import and setup the model, 30 minutes to solve the analysis on a regular laptop. SimSolid model


Fit PolyNURBS in Altair Inspire

The new Fit PolyNURBS feature allows you to automatically wrap optimization results with PolyNURBS. This option can be found on the optimization Shape Explorer.

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Altair Inspire Overhang Shape Controls

Optimal lightweight designs can be defined in Altair Inspire taking in account several constraints for additive and traditional manufacturing processes, including the overhang angle for 3D printed parts.

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Altair Inspire Load Case Tables

Easily organize and manage all boundary conditions with load case tables

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Friction in Joints in Altair Inspire

Friction can now be considered in setting up dynamic motions

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Suppress/Unsuppress Entities in Altair Inspire

Joints, fasteners, and motion entities (for example, springs or motion contacts) can now be suppressed. This feature is useful for studying the effects of a given entity on system behavior or when debugging a model

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Spot Welds in Altair Inspire

With Altair Inspire you can easily create spot welds for sheet metal parts design

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Pressure Oscillation Analysis

Pressure and flow ripple in fluid power systems are frequent causes of problems and complaints. In this article, learn how DSHplus is used to simulate hydraulic pressure ripple problems and learn how to analyze and solve the problem. 

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TracePro Showcase Video

TracePro is a powerful illumination and non-imaging optical design and analysis program with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Watch this quick introductory video on TracePro to learn more.


Altair Knowledge Works Product Offerings Datasheet

Knowledge Works supports deep data analysis that leads to quick results. Fast, agile analytics allows people across the entire organization to wrangle and with data and then share their findings, enabling everyone to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Insight derived from clean, consis


Altair SimLab: The New Platform for Multiphysics

Altair SimLab: The New Platform for Multiphysics
Gunaseelan Krishnasamy, Vice President, SimLab Development, Altair

ATC Presentations

Professional Services Datasheet

Altair Professional Services offer affordable, high-return options for our customers who are striving to foster better data intelligence throughout the enterprise. The Altair Professional Services team is fully staffed with experienced data scient...


Pressure oscillation analysis in low-pressure fuel piping systems

In this article, the cause-effect relationships in low-pressure fuel piping systems and the value of simulation are discussed in a practical use case.

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Altair HyperStudy Model Linking

Workflow and user interface changes have been made to the Model Resources dialog to streamline the experience by providing a clearer visual representation of the run’s directory structure.  This will make setup and review more intuitive.

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Altair HyperLife Creating Fatigue Events

The Load Map tool serves as a typical Signal processing utility where you can import repetitive load history files. You can also create a simple constant amplitude or block loading cycles with a single click.

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Altair HyperStudy Bubbles Plot

Bubble plots can be used to view additional information in a scatter plot window.

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Altair HyperLife Fatigue Modules Selection

A collated icon enables you to choose the type of fatigue analysis to be run.

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Altair Monarch Datasheet

Monarch is the fastest and easiest way to extract data from any source — including turning unstructured data like PDFs and text files into rows and columns.


Altair HyperLife Material Assignment

The Material tool allows you to create, store, and manage the Fatigue material property assigned to parts. This tool is preloaded with a library of Fatigue material properties, from which you can choose from. You can also load materials from your own database or create new materials in the session.

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Altair HyperLife Execute the Fatigue Setup

The Evaluate tool allows you to run the Fatigue Analysis, and subsequently load your results in the Results Explorer to visualize the Damage and Number of Cycles to Failure contour.

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Generic Modeling Improvements with MotionSolve

Many other enhancements in this release were designed to enable users to assemble and solve models to evaluate product behavior much faster, especially for vehicle simulations.

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The Evolution of Altair Monarch

Monarch was the go-to data extraction tool for pulling information out of main frames and print spools. Then, Monarch Complete evolved into the world’s most-used self-service data preparation solution offering analysts the easiest way to access, c...


Optimization with MotionSolve

Our goal was to provide users with the ability to automatically improve (i.e., optimize) the performance of the multi-body systems they are simulating – saving significant time & effort over a traditional, manually iterative approach.

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Altair MotionSolve New Feature Overview

View a high level overview of the new features available within MotionSolve 2019.

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Altair Knowledge Hub Datasheet

Knowledge Hub is a browser-based platform offering team-driven data preparation and a centralized data marketplace to speed collaboration and drive governance across the enterprise.


Altair HyperLife Stress Life Analysis

Uniaxial and Multiaxial assessment options with multiple Mean stress correction theories. Various stress combination methods are available for Uniaxial assessment. Critical plane implementation for Multiaxial assessment.

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Altair HyperLife Seam Weld Fatigue Analysis

Structural stress method implementation for Seam welds idealized with plate or shell elements. The approach is based on VOLVO method. Supported weld type is FILLET weld and the weld lines (root and toe) are automatically identified.

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Altair HyperLife New Feature Overview

HyperLife is a new Fatigue application that is being released with version 2019. See an overview of this new product and the features it contains.

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Altair HyperStudy New Feature Overview

View a high level overview of the new features available within HyperMesh 2019.

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Altair HyperStudy System Reliability Optimization (SRO) Method

System Reliability Optimization (SRO) is a new, highly efficient reliability based design optimization (RBDO) method.  This new method requires a reduced number of runs, and allows reliability constraints to be applied to not just the individual f...

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Altair HyperStudy FAST Fit Method and Lookup Model Type

FAST automatically builds the best fitting functions. To accomplish this, HyperStudy is automatically testing all the methods available and their settings to figure out the most appropriate method to obtain the best quality fit for each approximated function.

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General Machinery Solutions with MotionSolve

Our goal was to help users more easily build and simulate complex systems. To this end, we have added a library of higher-level modeling elements including cables, pulleys, and winches; linear actuators, struts, & rods; as well as gears and cams ...

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