Manoeuvring demonstration using Esso Osaka

This video tutorial makes use of the sample project vessel Esso Osaka to demonstrate a time domain manoeuvring operation. The turning circle of the Esso Osaka is calculated.


Overview of ShipMo3D

This video tutorial provides an overview of ShipMo3D. The applications involved that are used for generating the hull mesh, calculating hydrodynamics, and then evaluating ship seakeeping and maneuvering response are presented.


How to calculate ship seakeeping response in an irregular sea state with the Generic Frigate project files

In this video tutorial, the steps involved to set up and execute ship motion analysis in an irregular sea state is reviewed.


Working with the Generic Frigate sample project

This video tutorial shows the process of opening the Generic Frigate project. Several steps are needed to add details already configured for the ShipMo3D project. Download the sample project files from here:


How to calculate a motion RAO with the Generic Frigate sample project

This video shows how to set up and calculate the seakeeping motions for the Generic Frigate and report the results in an RAO format.


Highly Specialized Solutions under Altair’s Partner Alliance for Academic Market

The Altair Partner Alliance for Academic Market One Platform. One License. One Source. All Access

Global ATC 2020

DSA Showcase Video

A brief introduction to DSA, their two products available through the APA, and how they are applied to the oceanographic engineering process.

Video Testimonials

Mooring and Load Analysis Services & Software for Naval Architecture

Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. works extensively with naval architecture firms to predict the motion of vessels and platforms. These seakeeping studies help to improve performance and validate design requirements.


DSA for the Defense Industry

DSA provides its consulting services and software to defense research scientists, navies, and defense contractors. Our services within defense closely resemble those provided to other marine sectors, with a focus on technologies such as autonomous vehicles, submarines, and towed bodies and arrays.


How to Solve 8 Tough Ocean Engineering Problems with Dynamic Analysis

Many engineers think of dynamic analysis as being required for analyzing risers and moorings in the offshore industry. But dynamic analysis is used in many other marine sectors.


How to Accurately Assess Tug and Barge Operations Using ProteusDS, ShipMo3D, and HyperWorks

This webinar will show how accurate models of vessels and towlines can be built with ProteusDS and ShipMo3D. It will also discuss the development of a new thruster and controller model in ProteusDS. Lastly, this webinar will demonstrate exciting new spatially and temporally varying flow capabilities in ProteusDS.


Partner Spotlight: DSA

Dean Steinke, Director of Operations, discusses dynamic analysis software, ProteusDS, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.


Introduction to ProteusDS and ShipMo3D by Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd.

Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. (DSA) is an ocean engineering software and consultancy company. DSA makes it possible for ocean engineers, naval architects, oceanographers – or anybody with business in the water – to assess the motions and loads on vessels, structures, lines and technologies in marine environments.


Top Use Cases: ShipMo3D

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the time and frequency domain analysis software, ShipMo3D.

Customer Stories

ShipMo3D Brochure

Short document explaining the features and applications of ShipMo3D.