SimData Manager by PDTec AG

CAE Data and Process Management for Simulation and Virtual Engineering Analysis

SimData Manager provides an efficient and seamless access to all simulation relevant data on the complete CAE process chain. This way, calculation engineers can easily keep track of an ever increasing number of simulation runs across disciplines – and as part of a multi-site collaboration – across the entire supply chain.

SimData Manager enables bi-directional tracking (traceability) of all CAE data from the underlying CAD data to the final simulation report. Simulation engineers always know which versions of CAD data were the basis for their various intermediates of simulation models and the calculation results obtained from there and can easily refer to the specific meta information stored in SimData Manager. CAE engineers are informed about new data versions and can decide if those changes are relevant for their respective CAE models and simulations.

SimData Manager is the software solution for integrating all disciplines in a superordinate CAE data management system, and therefore to be the "backbone" system for all global distributed computing activities. SimData Manager saves on the one hand time and money, on the other hand it increases the transparency of all computing activities and increases the quality and efficiency of all involved calculation processes.

Why SimData Manager?

Save Engineering Time

SimData Manager supports the complete CAE process and helps to save significant time. All meta information is available globally to support collaboration.

Improve Quality

The CAE process is captured. All information from CAD, CAE models, includes, loads, jobs, results, and reports is in one system, including variants and versions.

Maximize Enterprise Resources

SimData Manager is an enterprise SDM system and supports new IT landscapes (e.g. cloud-based deployment) and HPC.

Key Features

PDM-CAD Integration

SimData Manager integrates to PDM Systems and tracks versions of computer aided design (CAD) data as the basis for the multiple simulation models and the results for all disciplines. 

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SimData Manager enables bi-directional tracking (traceability) of all CAE data from the underlying CAD data to the final simulation report. 

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SimData Manager enables global collaboration for all simulation engineers due to the central server system. Meta data is stored in a database (Oracle).

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SimData Manager provides extensive search mechanism to find simulation artefacts (CAD and FE models, simulation runs, includes, results, etc.).

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Due to great search and collaboration feature the reuse of existing CAE models is enabled. 

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Integration with Altair Products

SimData Manager integrates to the following Altair products: Altair® HyperMesh®, Altair® HyperGraph®, Altair® HyperView®, and Altair® PBS Professional®.

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