Altair SimSolid™

Structural Analysis for Rapid Design Iterations


Analysis Solutions

The following simulation types are supported: linear statics, modal, nonlinear statics (material & geometrical), thermal, coupled thermal-stress, linear dynamics (time, frequency and random response).


Supported Connections and Boundary Conditions

  • Assembly Connections: Smart auto connections, bonded, sliding, separating with friction, bolted, spot & laser welds, fillet/seam welds, virtual connectors
  • Loads & BC’s: Immovable constraint, sliding constraint, hinge constraint, enforced displacement, force, pressure, gravity, thermal, inertia relief, bolt/nut preload, dynamic loads, hydrostatic loads, bearing loads, and remote loads.

Material Properties

  • Isotropic
  • Incompressible
  • Elastoplastic with NL stress vs strain curves
  • Rigid
  • User extensible

CAD Connectivity

  • Direct data integration to Cloud-based CAD systems
  • Standard STL output from any CAD system
  • Direct file support for mainstream CAD systems: CATIA, NX, Creo, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor and SolidEdge
  • Direct file support for common neutral formats: STEP, ACIS and Parasolid, etc.


Post-Processing and Reporting


Result types:

  • Contour plots with displacements, stress & strains
  • Deformed shape animation
  • Max/min labels
  • Point probes
  • XY plots
  • Reaction/contact forces
  • Bolt/nut forces
  • Spot weld forces
  • Frequencies and mode shapes
  • Modal participation factors
  • Safety factors


  • Image thumbnails and captions associated with model graphics state, part visibility, and results display
  • Synchronized model and results browsing
  • Results are exported as full resolution image files

General Usability

  • Able to process mixed (SI and IPS) units
  • Measurements (distance, ray probe, local coordinates)
  • Global and local coordinate systems
  • Default views (front, back, left, right, top, bottom)
  • Custom saved views