Simulate at the Speed of Design in the Oil and Gas Industry Featuring TechnipFMC

In this webinar, Engineering Manager Roger Dailly and Design Engineer Sean Dobie will summarise a 6-month long trial undertaken by TechnipFMC on Altair SimSolid. They will cover some of the projects trialled using the software and discuss some of the key opportunities seen by using SimSolid over traditional mesh-based FEA software.


SimSolid for Fast Mesh-Free Analysis

Altair SimSolid is a technological breakthrough enabling civil and structural engineers to analyze fully-featured CAD assemblies in minutes, eliminating the time-consuming task of CAD geometry simplification and mesh definition.
With SimSolid, design teams can perform multiple iterations of their most complex models and explore alternatives at blazing speed. Discover the advantages of adopting SimSolid into your project's workflow.


Enhancing Aerospace Design Processes While Lowering Development Costs Webinar

During this webinar, we will showcase a unique and game-changing simulation technology for structural analysis that can augment and complement established design and PLM processes. Built from the ground up to handle large, complex models, Altair SimSolid provides fast and accurate simulation results – unmatched in the industry – to drive early and timely design decisions.


Simulation Under High Pressure - Fast Results for Complex Machines

ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH has accelerated the design and development process of its novel hydraulic press with the help of a new simulation tool, thus achieving its ambitious development goals.

Technical Document

Research Report: Simulation-Driven Design for Manufacturing (SDfM) Experiences

Product engineers are under consistent pressure to reduce the costs, improve the quality and increase the throughput of manufacturing processes. This fast-paced environment is not well suited for trial-and-error manufacturing engineering. How are engineers responding to these challenges? Is simulation and simulation-driven design for manufacturing (SDfM) well established across the industry? When simulation is deployed, does it deliver on the promises of reducing costs while improving throughput and quality? And what are the barriers to the adoption of simulation during the early stages of product development? In this 2021 survey report conducted by, we discuss those questions and discover: • Top design priorities • Top benefits of SDfM • Top barriers to expanding and adopting SDfM • Risks to staying competitive in the market

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Simulation at the Speed of Design

This presentation discusses the rise of intelligent design technologies used throughout industry to rapidly assess and optimize product performance before physical prototypes. The session includes a brief hands-on demonstration of some of the latest, easy-to-use simulation technologies that are empowering designers and design engineers around the world to capitalize on the digital design revolution. Speakers: Dr. Royston Jones, CTO, Altair Ken Welch, Senior VP Inspire Design and Manufacturing Products, Altair Duration: 20 minutes

Conference Presentations

Workshop: The Role of Simulation From Concept Development to Final Design

This workshop demonstrates how a simulation-driven design approach to product development can have a drastic impact on the performance, design time, and profitability of a new product. Using a belt sander tool as a demonstration model, our presenters show how Altair’s design and simulation technologies can conduct a concept design analysis and optimization of the sander external housing to improve stiffness and reduce weight. They go on to show how we can simulate the manufacturing process itself by looking at filling, packing, cooling and warpage of the plastic housing; before concluding with a series of stress analysis and validation studies such as a virtual drop test, 3-point bending simulation and even a study of the effect of the heat transfer of the electric motor. This is a valuable session to see how simulation technologies can be used throughout the design process, adding value and reducing development time at each stage. Speakers: Ujwal Patnaik, Global Business Development Manager, Altair Chris Sambell, Application Engineer, Altair Duration: 60 minutes

Conference Presentations

Altair Inspire - Geometry Repair and Editing

Create, modify, and de-feature solid models using Inspire's modeling tools. Leverage the speed and accuracy of SimSolid to evaluate multiple variants.

Use Cases

Altair Inspire - Assembly Configuration and SimSolid Integration

Create multiple assembly configurations which can then be used to evaluate various design scenarios and the resulting concepts.

Use Cases

Scaling the Infinite with Altair

On an international stage, confidence in your design is the bridge to success. Engineering principles have been cultivated to satisfy design requirements and help analyze more and more accurately. For Team Albatross, as analysis of aircraft design holds crucial, Altair strikes to be the first choice. This integrated system houses major products such as Simlab, SImSolid, and Hypermesh which have helped us introduce new design validation analyses for the team. With Altair, we achieved greater computational power even on the simplest of laptop configurations. Altair Hypermesh has allowed dealing with complex geometries that come with our design with utmost ease, giving precise results. Powerful products of Altair such as SimSolid help us perform a plethora of analyses in a short span of time and completely eliminate the barrier of computing limitations. Such unique analysis tools of Altair have enabled Team Albatross to secure ranks in the top 3 for the past 2 years on an international level, and this year, Team Albatross also stood 1st nationwide. Seeing this, it is certain that with what Altair has to offer, Team Albatross is more than ready to advance in technological standards and bring laurels this year too!

India ATC 2021

Driving Aerospace Competitiveness - INESPASA Accelerates Design of Aero Tooling Structures Using Altair SimSolid®

With more than 35 years of experience in research & development projects INESPASA has been working with companies such as Airbus, Alestis, Boeing, and Renault. To be successful in a highly competitive market, aeronautical tooling companies like INESPASA must deliver maximum quality and comply with highly demanding standards and regulations while meeting tight time constraints and limited budgets. Developing and testing aircraft component prototypes is time consuming and expensive, so INESPASA had to find new and faster ways – like Multiphysics simulation – to evaluate its aero-structure designs, identify problems before they occur, and ensure viability. INESPASA turned to Altair and applied tools such as Altair SimSolid®, Altair® Inspire™ and Altair® MotionSolve®. Thanks to fast simulation results, INESPASA addressed their challenge and found the solution with the best weight-stiffness ratio providing optimum usability of their aero structure elements.

Customer Stories

Resonate Well - Harvesting Bladeless Wind Energy, by Vortex Bladeless

Sustainable designs last longer. David Yáñez from Vortex Bladeless, a Spanish start-up, shares his vision of the technology, the strategies used for the integration of the different physical phenomena involved in the simulation-driven design, and the development of their resonating structures having minimal parts susceptible to wear by friction. The simulation results from CFD, with fluid-structure interaction, and electromagnetic field simulation are compared with experimental wind tunnel results and from in-service environments.

Future.Industry 2021

Simulation Under Pressure: How SimSolid Changes Everything in FEA, by ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH

Special-purpose machine design needs quick and flexible responses to individual customer requirements while maintaining a tight focus on quality and safety requirements. With limited time and personnel, the traditional FEM could not provide sufficient confidence for design decisions. Hear how ATNA Industry Solutions has turned simulation into a design tool. Speakers: Thomas Müller, Co-Founder, Commercial Manager, ATNA Industrial Solutions Hagen Möller, Design Engineer, ATNA Industrial Solutions Duration: 12 minutes

Future.Industry 2021

Simulating at the Speed of Design with Altair SimSolid

As the demand for understanding part performance increases, design engineers are being asked to understand stresses and displacements early in the design cycle. Traditionally, when designing larger complex systems, the design process is linear, with CAE validation done after the design is complete. SimSolid’s revolutionary technology allows engineers to test multiple designs and what-if scenarios with a low learning curve while enabling a quicker, more integrated product development process.

Future.Industry 2021

Real-time Design Modification and Optimization with Altair Inspire

Inspire’s new parametric modeling allows you to capture the evolution of your model’s shape by showing the linear sequence in which the geometry was created. You can roll the model backward or forward, as well as group, delete, insert, suppress, or edit entities in the History Browser. Inspire also features a new and improved sketching interface and several new sketching tools. See how you can use these new tools to seamlessly add, remove, and parameterize features in your model and then use the Variables table to quickly make design updates and see how they affect performance is in seconds to minutes.

Future.Industry 2021

Future.Industry CEO Keynote: The Convergence of AI, Simulation and HPC

At Altair, we see a future where seemingly disparate systems work seamlessly together to help businesses succeed. Where pin-point accuracy and speed mean the difference between winning and losing. The world of data science is intersecting with high-performance cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and IoT, unlocking limitless potential and enabling enterprises of all sizes to compete on a global scale while creating a more sustainable future.

Future.Industry 2021

Pressing for Change at ATNA - Simulation for Innovative Design: A New Approach to Holistic Design Decisions

The demand for biomass briquetting is steadily increasing since the use of brown coal fuel will be dramatically reduced to meet CO2 emission targets in the near future. Many big plants across Europe will stop producing brown coal briquettes by the end of 2022. To address this trend and growing demand for alternative fuel options, ATNA set out to develop a new generation of briquetting presses. ATNA’s goal was to design an improved hydraulic press which can achieve the high throughput of a roller press while delivering a high briquette quality. ATNA implemented Altair SimSolid® under the global Altair Startup program, tailored to the needs of high-tech startups offering access to all types of simulation, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence solutions at an affordable price. With Altair SimSolid’s meshless simulation ATNA was efficiently able to study many variants thanks to the reduced modeling time and incredible computational speed of SimSolid. With SimSolid ATNA needed 60% less time to customize, simulated 80% more subassemblies and used 15% less material.

Customer Stories

Altair® SimLab®: Electronic System Reliability Design Analysis

Explore how product engineers can mitigate mechanical failure of electronic system design using simulation tools. Altair's simulation driven design tools help you accelerate and streamline your electronic system design processes. With the age of digitalisation, most of the products have transformed from being mechanical to almost all electronic, turning the entire system into a purely Electronic design.


Altair Simsolid - EDEM Workflow

Workflow using Altair SimSolid and EDEM to show particle flow of a transfer chute deflector plate.


Strain-life Fatigue with Altair SimSolid

Altair SimSolid has added low-cycle, Strain-life fatigue to its functionality in 2021. In this video, learn how to setup a model for EN fatigue analysis and review the simulation results.


Stress Linearization with Altair SimSolid

Learn how to calculate linearized stress components after structural analysis in Altair SimSolid.


Altair SimSolid - Batchmode Execution

In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to use in Altair SimSolid in batchmode.


Altair SimSolid - Connection Resolution

In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to edit connections in Altair SimSolid.


Altair SimSolid - Bookmark Browser

In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to use bookmark browser in Altair SimSolid.


Altair SimSolid - Design Studies

In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to work with multiple design studies in Altair SimSolid.


The Sound of Silence - Acoustic Analysis of a Rail Carriage Bellow using Product Alphacell

Noise reduction is an important issue when developing products and components for railway applications. Recently, Ultimate Europe had to perform an acoustic analysis of a rail carriage bellow. In addition to its own broad portfolio of simulation solutions, Altair offers a wide selection of complementary software tools through the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). With Altair’s unique, flexible licensing model customers have access to these solutions at no additional costs. Altair Units allowed Ultimate to leverage APA products and access the functionalities of AlphaCell to predict the acoustic response of the bellow. Results included reduced run time, a decrease in model set up time, and increased combined metric correlation.

Customer Stories

Altair Inspire - Rapid Design Changes with the Speed and Accuracy of SimSolid

Altair Inspire now integrates Altair SimSolid for fast, accurate structural analysis of complex assemblies, as independently validated by NAFEMS. In this short demonstration we'll show how to analyze the structural performance of an agricultural seeder, applying geometry modifications in seconds.

Use Cases

Optimizing Process Design at Renault - Faster and Easier Rim Optimization using Altair Inspire and HPC

As the traditional optimization process at Renault required many iterations, simulation engineer involvement, and a considerable amount of time, the company was looking for tools and methods to improve this process. They wanted to implement a new, easy-to-use simulation tool that would allow non-experts, part-time analysts, and designers to gain insight and accurate results in early design phases of Renault chassis projects. With the goal to enable designers to run simulation by themselves without being dependent on the engineer’s calculations, the team began using Altair Inspire. The implementation on the Altair HPC platform enabled the engineers to send their highly complex calculations to the HPC server while running calculations on their workstation. The results included time savings, an 80% increase in process automation and mass reduction up to 20%.

Customer Stories

Data-Driven Dynamic Design - How Should a Robust System Component Look?

Safety and reliability are paramount objectives of the aero-engine development work. Comprehensive dynamic simulation and testing ensure safe and reliable products. However, new design architectures with increasing demand for power density need to be developed in even shorter time scales. Robust structural dynamics are one key objective that needs to be addressed very early in the concept design. Today’s analysis tools need to make accurate dynamic predictions at the system level which takes a long time due to very large design iterations and robustness assessments. An approach to resolve this dilemma by combining Altair SimSolid with frequency-based coupling and data science thinking is presented. The presentation by Carsten Buchholz, Project Engineer for Hybrid Electric Flight Demonstrator at Rolls-Royce, aired at Future.AI in June 2021, and is almost 13 minutes long. Ready to see how your company can drive innovation with AI-powered design? Contact our solutions experts today. View all Future.AI 2021 Presentations

Future.AI 2021

SimSolid Hands-on Workshop: The Fastest Structural Simulation Tool!

Altair has been one of the leading providers of simulation tools since the company was established over 30 years ago. Since acquiring SimSolid, we have seen a paradigm shift in structural simulation with many of our customers. An easy learning curve, a simple yet robust process enables you to gain better fidelity in your design and time saving with Altair SimSolid. Watch our SimSolid hands-on workshop recording, where we will cover why companies need to integrate this technology into their product development processes, what is behind this game-changing technology and how companies such as Renault, Whirlpool, and National Oilwell Varco have successfully adopted Altair Simsolid to help save time. In this workshop we will cover: - Fast model preparation, done in minutes. - Analysis of complex parts and large assemblies. - Quick results in seconds to minutes. Hence, multiple design scenarios can be quickly analyzed and compared. - Elimination of Geometry Simplification and Meshing.


The Digital Approach to Industrial Machinery Design

The need to design more complex industrial machinery on shorter timelines means that companies ask engineers to do more with far less. Chad Jackson, CEO of Lifecycle Insights, describes the digital approach to industrial machinery design and explains strategies leveraging Simulation, Data Science and High-Performance Computing. He shows how companies creating equipment that increases cycle speed and improves yields in this technical report. The E-Book covers the following topics: - THE DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGE OF INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY - ADDRESSING STRUCTURAL STRESS AND STIFFNESS - ARCHITECTING AND VALIDATING SYSTEMS DESIGN - SELECTING THE RIGHT ACTUATION COMPONENTS - MITIGATING VIBRATION AND EXCITATION - PLANNING AND VALIDATING CONTROLS DESIGN - STREAMLINING COMMISSIONING - MONITORING THROUGH FIELD DATA - RECAP AND CONCLUSIONS


The Culmination of 30 Years' Investment in Productivity Tools

Altair CTO James Dagg presents an overview of the journey Altair took to develop the leading modeling and visualization technologies we have today, and provides a look at what’s coming next to help you reduce your product delivery time. James Dagg has been at Altair for more than 30 years and is a visionary behind Altair’s software strategy and development activities. He has also led the development of Altair’s concept design technologies and oversaw the development of Altair’s CAE software suite for more than a decade.

Conference Presentations

Accelerating Turbofan Structural Design with Altair HyperWorks

Ross Atherton is a Structural Systems Design Engineer in the Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace Future Programmes Engineering department. After a period of supporting Rolls-Royce’s growing large engine fleet, Ross turned to future products; and has since led a small team designing, assessing, and enhancing the conceptual product architecture of future market opportunities. Ross’ presentation will go into detail on how Rolls-Royce have deployed the Altair Hyperworks toolset to enhance the structural efficiency of their UltraFan engine, covering: rapid model and mesh creation; new insights from structural optimisation and robust design; integrated post-processing; and the resulting acceleration of the engineering design iteration cycle.

Conference Presentations

Boosting Productivity with Meshless Structural Simulations

Altair has been one of the leading provider of simulation tools since the company was established over 30 years ago. Since acquiring SimSolid, we have seen a paradigm shift in structural simulation with many of our customers. An easy learning curve, a simple yet robust process enables you to gain better fidelity in your design and time saving with SimSolid! Watch our SimSolid webinar recording, where we will cover why companies need to integrate this technology into their product development processes, what is behind this game-changing technology and how companies such as Renault, Whirlpool, and National Oilwell Varco have successfully adopted Simsolid to help save time.


Guide to Weld Certification

Welded assemblies are widely used across industrial sectors. The design processes in rail, construction, marine, heavy machinery, pressure vessel construction, and many other industries rely heavily on regulations, codes, and norms such as FKM, DVS-1612, and Eurocode-3. This guide describes the evaluation and standard based certification of welded constructions by combining CAE methodology with relevant norms and regulations in a guided and standardized workflow.


Speeding Structural Analysis at GM - Technology Center adopts Altair’s Game-changing Simulation Tool

There has been an increasing need for GM design teams to develop their technical abilities to perform structural analysis and be able to evaluate their own designs. The simulation (Altair competitor) software initially utilized by designers proved problematic, and GM was keen to investigate a new approach. Altair SimSolid provided them with an alternative which not only dramatically decreased preprocessing time, it also allowed designers to evaluate complex components and complete ensembles which was not possible with the previously used software. For modal analysis at the component level, a correlation factor of 97% was found with SimSolid, compared to the center’s existing solver. With SimSolid, this was combined with a 75% reduction in time taken to complete the analysis. Of that saving, 81% is accounted for by pre-processing, the rest for generating the solution.

Customer Stories

Fatigue Assessment at the Speed of Design with Altair SimSolid

This session is ideal for designers and design engineers who want to rapidly explore the fatigue life of their designs during the early CAD stage of development. Join us and see first-hand how new fatigue assessment capabilities within Altair SimSolid can allow you to set up and run a fatigue analysis with multiple load cases in seconds.


Guide to Consumer Electronics Design and Packaging

To get a beautifully designed electronic product safely delivered to your customer, the work must start at the product design phase. Leveraging simulation-driven design, manufacturers are gaining greater insight and control over the development of innovative products, consistent manufacturing processes, and cost-effective, sustainable packaging.


The Tribus E-Bus Goes to Town - Altair SimSolid Powers Lighter and More Energy Efficient Electric Bus

As a market leader in small-scale passenger transportation, the Tribus Group develops products for wheelchair-accessible passenger transportation ranging from foldable, ergonomic seats and easy-to-install wheelchair lifts to electric minibuses and low-floor buses. A recent innovation is its awarded Movitas electric city bus – an energy efficient, modular, and 100% electric city bus for public transportation and deliveries. Tribus engineers were asked to optimize the entire bus within an existing design and dimensions to minimize energy consumption and extend driving range. Working with SimSolid greatly accelerated the process, with results that far exceeded their set targets. The optimization of the Movitas bus resulted in a total weight reduction of 1,900 kilograms, making it both more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Customer Stories

Guide to Electronic System Development

Manufacturers today are tasked with designing smart, connected products at a breakneck pace to stay ahead of the competition. As performance demands continually increase, packaging sizes become smaller, and device connectivity becomes more critical, schematic engineers and product designers need ways to make efficient design decisions and collaborate with one another to optimize complex interconnected mechanical and electromagnetic systems. To develop the next generation of smart products, organizations are turning simulation to improve device performance and drive profitability.


Fatigue Analysis in SimSolid 2020.2

The latest release of Altair SimSolid adds support for an integrated, two-step fatigue assessment. The highly automated workflow allows to setup and run a fatigue analysis with multiple load cases literally in seconds.


Topology Optimization Improves Gondola Lift Station Building

In modern passenger transport systems, flawless operation, comfort, and safety are key engineering criteria for design. To guarantee these key performance indicators, demanding fatigue tests are performed to ensure a component’s performance and strength. Advanced simulation methods can help to achieve an optimal design and ensure that components meet even the highest safety requirements. Using Altair Inspire, Doppelmayr, a manufacturer of ropeways and innovative transportation systems for ski areas and urban areas, built a design that passed the safety test, and optimized the gondola station to be lighter, safer, and more durable than requested. More recently, Doppelmayr also started using Altair SimSolid™ to explore its designs and create structural efficient concepts for large models and complex assemblies.

Customer Stories

Rapid Analysis of Complex Assemblies with Altair SimSolid

By performing structural analyses on fully featured CAD assemblies within minutes, SimSolid is the game-changing simulation technology for designers, engineers, and analysts. It eliminates geometry preparation and meshing: the two most time-consuming, expertise-extensive, and error-prone tasks performed in a conventional structural simulation. Early-stage assessment of complex assemblies can be particularly challenging for CAD-based simulation tools and FEA alike, but SimSolid is tolerant of imprecise geometry, meaning no simplification of complex geometries is needed before analyzing designs. Multiple design scenarios can be simulated quickly under real-life conditions, providing the simulation power to help accelerate engineering decisions, aid development of quality products, and beat competitors to market. Tony Jones, Chief Engineer at Andron Handling, demonstrates the use of SimSolid in the design development of its bespoke mechanical equipment. Seeking to assess the strength of the welded fabrication and vertical clamping arms for both lifting and clamping loads, Andron Handling utilized SimSolid to model the entire assembly of their bespoke handler design. They were able to include details such as sliding connections, clamping force on the pistons, and matching reactions on the cylinder bodies to ensure accuracy, and complete their simulation run in less than a minute, allowing multiple design iterations to be explored.

Conference Presentations

Developing Highly Customised Truck Trailers with Intelligent Simulation Technologies

Don-Bur are designer and manufacturers of commercial vehicle bodies such as truck trailers and develop custom trailers for many famous retailers. Their products are often highly customized to individual client requirements, ensuring speed and accuracy of their design tools is key. In this presentation Richard Owen will talk us through why they adopted SimSolid technology and show a quick hand on demo on a typical structure whilst analyzing SimSolid.

Speaker: Richard Owens, Marketing Manager, Don-Bur

Duration: 13 minutes

Conference Presentations

Accelerating the Development of Automotive Seating Structures

Rescroft are an automotive seating specialist in the UK. In this presentation João will talk about their use of SimSolid in their design process along with other tools that’s available within the Altair concept engineering suite. Speaker: João Dias, Head Of Engineering, Rescroft Duration: 22 minutes

Conference Presentations

The Key Role of Simulation in Development of Aluminum Profiles and Study of Glass Structures in Shorter Design Time

Faraone are specialist in transparent architectures such as canapes, balustrades, staircases, glass partitions and other glass structures. Gabrielle will take us through their design teams who uses SimSolid and Altair Inspire on their structures. Speaker: Gabriele Romagnoli, Head of Structural Engineering, Faraone Duration: 18 minutes

Conference Presentations

Leveraging Disruptive Technology in Structural Simulation in Oil and Gas

In this presentation Carlos from NOV shares his experience with SimSolid and shows us how the technology is allowing him to very quickly assess structural performance of some very large CAD models including walkways used in Oil fields. Speaker: Carlos Omar Ramirez, PE Engineering Manager, NOV Duration: 18 minutes

Conference Presentations

ATCx Concept Design - Making Rapid Design Decisions at Brompton Bicycle

Jonathon Heath, (Former) Lead Mechanical Design Engineer Brompton Bicycle This presentation will show how Brompton adopted simulation in their design process and moved away from their traditional CAD embedded simulation packages with hands on demo of SimSolid.

Conference Presentations