Altair® SmartWorks™ IoT

Create industry-shaking smart product ecosystems.

SmartWorks IoT has everything you need to quickly build scalable, secure, customer web and mobile applications that connect to your smart products. Expertly built for developers, by developers.

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SmartWorks IoT Capabilities

Everything Developers Need in One Package

Create scalable, secure IoT and analytics applications faster and with smaller teams.


Deploy anywhere: cloud, on-premises, hybrid. Run it wherever works best for your business.


Performant, secure, scalable. Onboard millions of devices while keeping users happy. Security ingrained in the platform and in every interface..

Realize Your Product Vision with Less Risk


Backend without DevOps. Edge without Embedded.

Build your smart product vision faster and with a smaller team.

Already optimized for performance, scale, and security.

Connecting a single device may be easy but scaling up takes a lot of work. We solved this problem for you.

Complete platform for developing smart product applications.

We focus on the needs and challenges of product developers, where Altair has specialized for more than 35 years.

We work with the tools and tech you already know and love, including:

Git, Azure, AWS, React, Bluetooth, Android, and iOS.

Everything You Need in One Package

Model, Visualize, and Control Rich IoT Ecosystems

Model anything that needs to communicate with your products and communicate with your products in real time.

Store Your Entire Fleet’s Data and Query it, Fast

We provide distributed, big data storage to secure massive datasets and access the data in real time.

Build Automation to Differentiate and Delight Users

Build microservices, AI, and automation into applications to create rich experiences.

Manage Complex Automation at the Edge

Develop code to run at the edge, then deploy and continuously improve it easily.

Onboard Thousands of Users and Easily Control Access

Easily bring OIDC and OAuth2.0 security to your app, along with highly fine-grained, role-based access control.

Visualize Data in Real-time

Develop real-time dashboards with an easy-to-use drag and drop authoring tool.

See how SmartWorks IoT can transform your vision into reality.

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Accelerate Smart Product Development


Robotics and Autonomous

Manage your fleet and continuously deploy code at scale.



Build world-class user experiences.

icon machinery skyblue

Industrial Machinery

Integrate intelligence and differentiate your product


Energy and Renewables

Build recurring revenue with as-a-service business models.


Heavy Equipment

Predict maintenance needs and manage the fleet from anywhere.



Improve quality, streamline operations, and ensure safety

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