StressCheck® Professional by Engineering Software Research and Development, Inc. (ESRD)

Higher-Order Finite Element Analysis Implementation

What is StressCheck® Professional?

StressCheck® Professional is a comprehensive Windows 10-compatible, 64-bit finite element analysis (FEA) software tool with a fully integrated pre- and post-processor (StressCheck® Core), and a suite of solver and analysis modules that support advanced engineering computations in applications of solid mechanics. Examples of supported engineering applications include; detailed stress analysis, global-local analysis, fracture mechanics and DaDT analysis, residual stress and distortion analysis, nonlinear and cold-working analysis, and laminated composites analysis.

StressCheck® Professional Overview Video

Why StressCheck® Professional?

Automatic Solution Verification

StressCheck® Professional has built-in capabilities to automatically report solution accuracy for any function, increasing confidence in engineering decision making.

Hierarching Modeling Framework

StressCheck® Professional supports a hierarchic modeling framework for seamless transition between model orders and theories to separate modeling from approximation errors.

Parametric Modeling and Standarization

StressCheck® Professional allows users the ability to create a library of parametric computer aided engineering (CAE) models to serve as a repository for standardization and corporate design knowledge.

Key Features

Fracture Mechanics Parameter Extractions

StressCheck® Professional is ideally suited for damage tolerance and forensic engineers who need the best representation of 2D or 3D SIF’s, ERR’s, and beta factors.

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Global-Local Analysis Workflows

StressCheck® Professional supports workflows for the transfer of nodal data from structural solutions to 3D detailed FEA models for stress, fracture, or composites analysis.

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Multi-Body Contact and Fastened Joints

StressCheck® Professional supports 2D and 3D multi-body contact analysis of fastened connections, including assemblies such as splice joints, lap joints, fittings, and more.

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Live Results Processing

StressCheck® Professional supports on-demand extractions of stresses, strains or combinations of engineering functions anywhere in the model, at any time, at any resolution.

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FE-Based Handbook Solutions

FE-based handbook solutions eliminate the need of overly simplified assumptions typical of closed-form solutions found in classical handbooks, and can be customized to accurately describe real world problems.

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Nonlinear Analysis Capabilities

StressCheck Professional® supports material (elastic-plastic) and/or geometric (large deformation) nonlinearities, with seamless transitions from linear to nonlinear models.

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