Full Wave Design of a Compact Ka-Band Wideband Orthomode Transducer

In this webinar, Sicilsat® Communications, a company specializing in the design and supply of highly reliable satellite systems, will present how their wideband orthomode transducer (OMT) operating in Ka-Band was designed and optimized using µWave Wizard™ design software, available through the Altair Partner Alliance. This component, designed for feeding a 7.5 meter monopulse antenna, has been realized as a doubly symmetrical design with four concentric cylinders placed in the center of the structure for improved return loss and bandwidth. In the feed optimization phase, performance goals are achieved in accelerated time, thanks to various very efficient optimizers available in µWave Wizard. Development time was also significantly reduced by taking advantage of fully parameterized components already present in the µWave Wizard component libraries, resulting in a simplified structure with excellent radio frequency (RF) performance, ideally suited for cost efficient manufacturing. The µWave Wizard designed Ka-Band wideband OMT can be exported into other Altair products for post processing, such as the feed component in Altair® Feko® antenna design software. Featuring µWave Wizard™ by MICIAN GmbH, available through the Altair Partner Alliance On-demand recording length: 20 minutes


µWave Wizard: Hybrid Technology for Better Designs

µWave Wizard™ is a full wave 3D electro-magnetic design automation suite combining the flexibility of the Finite-Element-Method with the speed and accuracy of Mode-Matching for cost effective development of passive microwave systems and components, including antennas. The presentation introduces the audience to the software itself and to its underlying Hybrid Solver Technology, followed by industry specific applications, customers projects and numerous design examples. Presenter: Dr. Ralf Ihmels, PhD, President, MiCIAN Session Duration: 7 minutes


Boost Speed and Accuracy of Your RF Microwave Component and Antenna Design

µWave Wizard™ is a 3D full wave electro-magnetic design automation suite using hybrid solver technology for combining speed and accuracy of advanced Mode-Matching (MM) methods with the flexibility of the Finite-Element-Method (FEM) for cost effective development of passive microwave systems and components, including antennas. The ability to parametrize component properties for control by different optimizers and the increased computational efficiency derived from solving individual circuit components before combining their respective solutions at circuit level are the benefits of this concept. Simulation time and development cost can be significantly reduced by composing RF microwave structures fast and easy using a combination of predefined parametric building elements and user generated elements instead of cumbersome drafting of complete 3D models of complex structures.


EM and EDA, from Concept to Production

Altair’s portfolio of simulation-driven design solutions covers – amongst many other disciplines – electromagnetics (EM) and electronic design automation (EDA).

Conference Presentations

uWave Wizard Use Case

Top use cases for µWave Wizard. A 3D full wave electromagnetic design automation suite.

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uWave Wizard Brochure

Brochure to uWave Wizard


Installation of uWave Wizard on Altair HyperWorks

The pdf file shows the how to install uWave Wizard.