Virfac® by GeonX

Advanced Parallel Simulations for Manufacturing

What is Virfac?

Virtual manufacturing made real: simulate complex manufacturing processes quickly while including pre-processing, computation, and post-processing.

Virfac is based on the finite element solver Morfeo, which has been actively developed to carry out massively parallel simulations of various manufacturing processes. Virfac addresses the advanced simulation of welding processes (fusion, friction stir, inertia friction, and more), heat treatment, surface treatment, and damage tolerance based on the XFEM technology. Virfac is particularly suited for high fidelity results on complex industrial applications.

Virfac Overview Video

Why Virfac?

Short Setup Time

Control parts distortions during manufacturing operations and improve quality mastering at the earliest stage before launching the production.

High Fidelity in Accuracy

Control residual stresses generated during manufacturing operations and monitor the impact of manufacturing on life and durability.

Quick Learning Curve

Understand the complex physical phenomena occurring during manufacturing and the influence of process operating condition reduce scrap and increase cash return.

Key Features

Residual Distortions

Virfac predicts distortions encountered by the workpiece due to manufacturing and helps to optimize processes.

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Residual Stresses

Virfac predicts the level of residual stresses and helps to calculate the in-service fatigue life of a manufactured part.

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Manufactured Part Quality

Virfac predicts the materials transformations and microstructure during the process as well as the quality of the final manufactured component.

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