What’s New in Monarch Complete

Feature Chronology

Here are our new features and enhancements, geared towards further reinforcing how easily you can perform self-service data preparation with Monarch. To see your upgrade or purchase options, click here.

Monarch 2020

Worksheet Design

Easily and quickly extract data from spreadsheets that use multiple tabs (worksheets), merged cells, specialized casing, rows / cells / columns that use conditional formatting (colors) and more.

Enhancements to the PDF Engine

Ability to snap to a grid. Monarch addresses PDF files where text layouts are not in the best format. For example, data in a PDF file may have rows of data that might use single and multiple lines or may be center justified within the cell.

The new snap text features in Monarch 2020 better align data in rows and columns to ensure that all data is included in the trap.

Schema Change Resolution (Map Columns)

In earlier versions of Monarch Data Prep Studio, a change in the column name in a source file would break the flow of the Monarch workspace, requiring users to manually update and correct. Monarch 2020 offers the flexibility to detect schema changes and map columns so that changes made to column names in the source data are automatically updated in the workspace, enhancing maintainability, and ensuring the workflow is more repeatable.

Other Enhancements

  • Retheme and Rebranding. New color schemes and branding. Links to the entire Knowledge Works Platform from the main screen of the solution, highlighting our predictive analytics / machine learning and visualization tools.
  • Improved Reuse – Quickly and easily import tables from other Workspaces
  • Enhanced Design – Tasks such as joins, data mapping, and workflows are now even easier and more powerful than ever before
  • Hosted Altair Units Support – improvements to how Monarch uses the units licensing technology

Monarch Complete 15.5

Scientific Notation Parsing

Support scientific notation input when converting a column from text to numeric. Update to the decimal precision restrictions in Report Trapping numeric fields to better support engineering scale numbers.

Summary Enhancements for Data Prep Studio

Updates to the UI (Source Fields, Rows and Measures, etc.) allowing for more efficiency when creating a summary.

Monarch Complete v15.3

More Data: New Connectors

  • Connect directly to Cloudera CDH Hive, Spark SQL, Microsoft Active Directory

Improved Data Field Filtering

  • Data field filtering experience is now easier, aligned with Monarch

Monarch Complete v15.2

More Data: New Connectors

  • Connect directly to Amazon EMR Hive, Google Drive, Google Sheets and SugarCRM

Faster Change History Access

  • Select a column and jump directly to all related data prep changes
Change History

Improved Data Field Filtering

  • Filter all data fields in this new well-organized and easy-to-use view
Data Filters

Summary Exports

  • Export all Summaries to new or existing Excel files, and append to named ranges in existing files
Excel Summaries

Monarch Complete v15.1

Analyze and Summarize

  • Get to your answers even faster with built-in in totals, subtotals, and analysis features
Summary Screenshot

Connectors and Exports

  • Connect to more data from HubSpot, Cassandra and Google BigQuery
  • Export Summaries as CSV
Connections Screenshot

Open Data

  • Save your favorite data sources for faster access, and easily search our categorized connectors
Data Sources Screenshot

Menu Redesign

  • Utilize our intuitive drop-down menu to open, save, and close your workspaces and datasets
Monarch Menu

Monarch Complete v15

PDF Report Trapping

  • Full Monarch Classic Report Design functionality to make data extraction from PDFs easier than ever before
  • Eliminates the need to pivot between Classic and Complete for PDF extraction models
PDF Report screeshot

Lookup Calculated Field

  • Easily find and replace column values with flexible, criteria-based rules
Lookup example

Comments on Change History

  • Leave comments for yourself and others as you transform datasets and track your data prep changes
Commenting screenshot

Column View Filtering

  • Simplify your view of a dataset to only the columns you need
Filtered Columns

New Connectors and Exports

  • Connect to more data from Google Adwords, Netsuite, Sharepoint and Vertica
  • Export to a JSON file
Available Connectors

Table Append Improvements

  • New Append interface makes consolidating datasets easier
Table append listing

Monarch Complete v14.3

Transpose Transformation Functionality

  • Easily swap rows and columns with the new Transpose Transformation
Transform Selection Screen Transpose example

Multi-column pivots

  • Use pivot icons to select the columns to pivot, key icons to select the columns to group, and check boxes to select one or more aggregate types
Pivot table icons


  • Append columns to a data set without replicating the existing data
Replicate data feature

Inner Negative Join

  • With this new join option, keep only the rows from both tables for which the join keys do not match
Join interface

Named Exports

  • Exporting from Monarch has never been so easy with pre-defined export destinations and file types
Exports Screen

Statistic Snapshots

  • Export profiles of your data sets as static exports to see how your data changes over time
Static Export example

Highlighting Duplicate Information

  • Flagging duplicate data values allows for advanced data clean up and improved data quality
Highlighted Duplicate Info

Geo Spatial and Scientific Calculations

  • Create point to point distance calculations and anything else with new Trigonometry expressions
Calculations table


  • Redact sensitive information from your reporting with this new data preparation option
Redaction menu

Repeatability with JSON and XML

  • Use data explorers to navigate to the data you want, and append results by simply adding files to the same logic
JSon Listing

Monarch Public Library

  • Access public data sets in Monarch to enrich your analysis
  • Search functionality enables you to find the data you’re looking for in a timely manner
Library Structure

Usability Improvements

  • New sort, search, expand/collapse, and refresh all options allow additional time-savings in Monarch
collapse options

Monarch Complete v14.1

Table Extractor

  • Automatically find tables on specific pages in large documents
  • Drag and highlight data to capture as well as header names
  • Automated table extraction from documents
  • Capture data as separate tables within a single page

Table Extractor is an optional add-on to Monarch Complete. Click here to learn more.

Table selection screenshot

Excel Explorer

  • Easily preview and choose from multi-sheet excel files
  • Treats named ranges as a single sheet or multiple sheets
  • Select custom options as needed, such as using a first row for column names, ignoring blank rows, or identifying lines to skip
Excel Selection screenshot

Customizable Change Lists

  • Customize and/or reuse change lists for repeatability, consistency & efficiency
  • Organize changes with categories, and drag and drop to resequence
  • Able to be exported and imported for sharing and reuse
Drag and Drop lists

Sharing and Reuse of Workspaces

  • Data source remapping enables sharing of workspaces & more
  • Data sources that are not found will be automatically flagged

Easy access and visibility to file metadata

  • Build lineage and traceability right into your data sets
  • Use file metadata to achieve elusive traceability for your file-based data sources
Table switching

Data blending made easy

  • Simplified joining disparate data types
  • Easy access to join analysis and row counts visible for each table
  • More intuitive creation of independent joins
  • Allows joining columns with different, but compatible data types
File Metadata

Redesigned Context Menus

  • A single menu that is context sensitive and categorized
Table Menus

Maximize Screen Real Estate *

  • Expanded Zoom Range (25%-400%) to review wide documents
  • New Suppress Leading Spaces option provides more screen real estate and improves ease of use when reviewing documents
  • Familiar controls are all visible or keyboard accessible in maximized mode
Zoomed Tables

Improved Ability to set the Correct Stretch Factor *

  • Using Dynamic Guides, select an area on a single line to use as an anchor
  • Dynamic Guides track to rightmost edge when stretch is changed
  • Dynamic Guides show the sample line and area when editing
Table Guides

Additional EBCDIC Support *

  • Improved Encoding Selection UI
  • New Encoding Functionality on Context Menu simplifies seeking for correct encoding and line/record options for EBCDIC, as well as other input documents
  • Maximum line length increased to 65K characters for EBCDIC
  • New EBCDIC Options support a wide variety of record/line delimiters
EBCDIC example

SAS Transport (XPORT) Format Import/Export *

  • Read & write support for SAS XPORT File Format / SAS Portable File Format
Export location options

Auto Recovery for Models/Projects *

  • Allows work to be recovered at given intervals while using Monarch Classic

Monarch Complete v14

Use Monarch projects and models as data sources

Monarch projects and models based on report files may now be used as data sources in the Data Prep Studio. This includes support for PDF reports, multiple reports, all trap types, multi-column regions, formula-based calculated fields with built-in Monarch functions, and Lookup table calculated fields.

Data source options

Load multiple reports into a single table

Create report nodes by dragging in a report and going into Report Discovery, or by dragging in a Model or Project (along with the associated reports). This produces a table where you may then easily drag in more reports, and perform data prep on the node as a whole.

Table Report

Library enhancements

  • As your library grows, you still want to easily find what you need. Now you can click on the column headers to sort and on the filter icons to zone in on specific sources.
  • We now have a new data source type – Internal.
Filtered table

Preview updates

  • Recent Workspaces and Recent Data Sources are now accessible too, as with Recent Tables.
  • Partial load now also applies to relational data sources – you can limit the number of rows to load for increased efficiency.
Report Preview Example

UI improvements

  • The +Add More Stuff feature accessible across the application, allowing you to add more data easily no matter what stage of preparation you are in.
  • Default names for Joins, Appends and Transformations are shorter now, occupying less screen space.
Report Preview Example

Text block expansion

  • In Prep Data mode, rows are automatically expanded to display entire text blocks.
Table Joining example

Drag and drop columns

  • Organizing your table in Prep Data just got easier – you can now simply drag and drop columns.
Column switching

Data Prep enhancements

  • Opt to remove the original column for a Merge operation – useful when consolidating wide data.
  • Apply a Ditto to Date and Numeric columns – not just to Text.
  • Custom Change lists are now accessible from the prep menu. Drag in changes, give the list a name, and drag the saved list to a column you want to prep.
Custom Change Field

New Exports

  • Publish data to Tableau Server
  • Export to share data with others in the organization, or even for use as an archive.

New settings to configure how Excel files are handled

  • Use extended mode for Excel to address issues with Office 2016 installed locally on desktops.
  • Automatically append named range data with identical structures into a single table.
Default settings menu

New Save options

  • Quick save button added to the header bar.
  • Save your workspace with a password and encrypt this for added protection.
Save settings menu

Additional Functions for the Report Selector Context Menu *

  • Export loaded reports as a consolidated report in text or PDF format.
  • Close, Print, Print Preview, Export and File Information functions now available for multi-selected report files.
  • View file information: Full path, Filename, Size and Last modified date.
Report view menu

Additional Functions for the Table Selector Context Menu *

  • Do a Quick Export with a customizable default file name, file type and table name.
  • Easily access Model and Project Information, and Model and Project Audit Trails.
  • Rename or Edit External Lookups via the context menu.
Table View export menu

Additional Functions for the Summary Selector Context Menu *

  • Do a Quick Export with a default file name, file type and table name
  • Rebuild a single summary or all summaries to refresh input sources and recalculate summaries
  • Reorder Summaries via Move to Top, Move Up, Move to Bottom and Move Down options
Rebuild Tables highlighted

Enhanced EBCDIC, ASCII and ANSI Codepage support *

  • Quick We now provide support for EBCDIC-encoded files for selected code pages.
  • Specify ASCII and ANSI codepages for input files and text exports.
System input langauge settings

Export enhancements *

  • Spaces in auto-generated table names are automatically replaced to ensure validity in Excel exports.
  • Now set the sort order for pivot table row labels in Excel exports.
Table name in export

Jump to any row or column in the Table or Summary *

  • Navigate to a specified row number or column name/number.
Summary View

Monarch Complete v13.5

Partial data loading

Take advantage of improved data processing speed and efficiency by specifying a row limit for imports from all data sources.

Objects table rows set

Save connections in a Data Source Library

Eliminate repetitive setting up of data source connections by saving frequently used connections in the Data Source Library.

Location of data source

Export to Power BI

Prepped data may now be exported into Microsoft Power BI, where it appears as a dataset in your account.

Power BI Account

Access Google Analytics as a data source

Leverage Google Analytics data by joining this with other information to get a better, clearer picture of your business.

Perform Data Prep within the Join screen

Prep and clean up your data even from within the Join Data window, not just from the Prep Data interface.

Data Prep of Google Analytics

Undock tables / Floating Tables

Undock tables to view multiple tables at once, allowing you to compare different datasets.

Data set options

Apply negative joins

Perform negative joins to zero in on records that have no match.

Negative Join Menu

Apply sorts from the Prep Data window

Sorting is now available during Preview and Data Prep.

Define and Edit Sort menu

Perform deduplication

Show or remove rows having duplicate values across all columns or specific columns only (e.g. duplicate Account Numbers or Customers).

Data duplication filter

Merge columns

Merge columns and even include characters or text.

Merge column menu

Indicators for nulls and whitespace

Take advantage of on-screen indicators for your data table by showing nulls and whitespace characters (spaces, tab indents and line breaks).

Null value examples