Alsim Paint Shop by ESS

Entire Paint Shop in One Software

Alsim Paint Shop by Engineering Software Steyr (ESS) allows full control over the most expensive process in the automotive industry.

It includes a unique simulation tool allowing to accurately detect air bubbles and liquid carry-over – two main problematic areas in paint shop processes. Moreover, it contains an e-coating tool that predicts time-related layer thickness of paint, allowing to optimize corresponding process parameters in an early development stage. A dedicated oven simulation allows to obtain full control of the baking process – one of the most energy-consuming processes in automotive manufacturing. Moreover, modules for spray and rinse, and PVC sealing are included.

All of these modules are validated by productive Body-In-Whites and can be run on single workstation. Alsim Paint Shop is especially developed for ease of use, which allows even non-experts to use the software.

Why alsim Paint Shop?

Intuitive and User Friendly

No cluster needed - runs on a desktop; and fully preconfigured workflow to support CFD technicians and save valuable time.

Low Hardware Costs

The simulations do not need high performance computing machines and can run on GPU power and basic workstations.

Configurable and Reusable

The process parameters and paintline setup can be stored as database, enabling users to rerun new models on the same paintline with highly simple process.

Alsim Paint Shop Features

Full Control Over Paint Shop Processes

alsim Paint Shop allows full control over paint shop processes in the automotive industry.

Includes Simulation Modules

alsim Paint Shop includes simulation modules for air bubbles and liquid carry-over, e-coating, baking, spray and rinse, and PVC sealing.

Easy-to-use Workflow

Fully customizable to user needs and requiring minimal expertise in CFD.