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Enhance simulation, improve engineering, and optimize design with an additional 65+ products that’s already part of your Altair offering. Discover third-party solutions from a single unified source that you know and trust through the Altair Partner Alliance (APA).

The APA program is designed to increase your return on investment from your existing units pool. Users benefit from unmatched flexibility and access, resulting in maximum software utilization and productivity.

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Your passport to unlimited exploration

Explore, innovate and create faster, smarter and better all through the same Altair Units licensing model. The APA lets you eliminate the hurdles that prevent you from acquiring new technology. There’s no need to vet and validate a new licensing system.

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An ecosystem of complementary solutions

Extend the simulation process with complementary technology. Our partners offer industry-leading niche applications that close any gaps in our offering. Enjoy the convenience of online training, remote licenses and the direct support you need from the software experts.

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Extend Your Simulation and Design Capabilities

Partner products include applications specific to industry verticals including marine, automotive, aerospace, chemicals, and architecture. More than 180 software applications from 65+ products including technologies ranging from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fatigue, to manufacturing process simulation and human modeling. Exciting partnerships help you build better products faster through the convenience of a single centralized source.

Download and use partner applications on-demand, just as you do with Altair products. APA partner solutions are available through the Mechanical Engineer and the Multiphysics/Mechatronics Engineer (MME) and Enterprise suites under the Altair Units license groups.

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APA and The Altair Global Academic Program

APA for education is designed to help students and educators build a better tomorrow. Together with Altair, APA partners offer solutions that help close the skills gap and empower the next generation of designers, engineers and critical thinkers. As part of the APA education program, APA solutions are available for students and educators in universities globally. APA partners offer support in the form of access to free software, learning, certification, sponsorship, teaching material, curriculum partner program, and more.

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Webinar Series

Enabling Simulation-Based Optimization Through Data Analytics

APA partners provide technology insights into all things related to Data Analytics including leveraging data, Robotic Process Automation, and more.

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