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The Future of Digital End-to-End Engineering Process and Its Interoperability

Kentaro Fukuta from Elysium Co. Ltd., an APA partner, discusses the future of digital end-to-end engineering process and its interoperability.

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The Future of the Design Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

Lucas Hellemans from Materialise, an APA partner, discusses the future of design optimization for additive manufacturing.

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The Future of Materials Information in Industry and Emerging Technologies

Neil Bauman from Key to Metals AG, an APA partner, discusses the future of materials information in industry and emerging technologies.

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The Future of Fatigue Life Prediction

Klaus Hofwimmer from Magna Powertrain, an APA partner, discusses the future of fatigue life prediction.

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The Future of Fatigue and Durability Analysis

Jon Aldred from HBM Prensica, an APA partner, discusses the future of fatigue and durability analysis.

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The Future of Automotive Multi-body Dynamic Simulations

Danny Nowlan from ChassisSim, an APA partner, discusses the future of automotive multi-body dynamic simulations.

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The Future of Plastics Simulation

Wolfgang Korte from PART Engineering, an APA partner, discusses the future of plastics simulation.

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The Future of Powertrain Electrification

Oliver Knaus from AVL, an APA partner, discusses the future of powertrain electrification.

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The Future of NVH Simulations

François-Xavier Bécot from MATELYS Research Lab, an APA partner, discusses the future of NVH simulations.

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The Future of a More Responsible Foundry Industry

Håkan Fransson from NovaCast Systems AB, an APA partner, discusses the future of a more responsible foundry industry.

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The Future of Thermal Management

Craig Makens from ThermoAnalytics Inc., an APA partner, discusses the future of thermal management.

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Future of Operational Analysis

Over the past few years Modern analytics and business intelligence (BI) has focused much more heavily on the full analytic workflow which includes data preparation, data management, visual exploration and Machine learning with the emphasis on self-service analytics.

The ideal customer solution le

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Rapid Chip Design in the Cloud

License-first approach to scheduling enhances resource management

Customer Stories

Analytics in a No Code World

Machine Learning and AI can be considered complicated and complex. Academia is teaching students how to code in R and Python to build out these ML/AI solutions. Join me to hear how Altair is bringing Data Analytics to the masses through a No Codin...

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Project Based Learning in Partnership Industry and University

The cooperative state university (DHBW) Stuttgart is a special type of university where the students’ education is given not only in the university.

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Inc. Interview with Jim Scapa, CEO & Founder of Altair​

It takes more than grit to start, maintain, and grow a 35-year-old technology company. Here's how Jim Scapa does it.


The Future of Technology Panel Discussion

Startups are important when it comes to being innovative, implementing the latest technologies first, pushing trends, and linking big established companies to these trends.

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Panel Discussion - The Data Driven Enterprise

Transforming an organization into a data-driven enterprise isn’t simply a change in how data is used, it’s a fundamental culture shift that requires more than just access to data. What analytic capabilities and tools are needed across an organizat...

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Safety and lightweight of Electric Vehicles: from the Lithium-ion Battery Perspective

With the increasingly stringent environment and energy sustainability, electric vehicles now become a game-changing choice for the automotive industry. By adopting recently developed high energy density, current electric vehicles have solved the “...

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Learn How Northrop Grumman Uses Altair Asymptotic EM Solver to Validate Measurement

Join us for this OnDemand webinar, where Northrop Grumman engineer Keith Snyder demonstrates Altair Feko simulations to compare with measured patterns of a slant 45-degree omni directional antenna on a rolled edge ground plane. Advantages of using...


Virtual Project-Based Learning (PBL) involving Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE)​

In this session, Clive will share his perspectives and experiences based on over two decades as a thought-leader and student-mentor for university-level Project-Based Learning. In particular, he will spotlight innovative work he has done with his...

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The Future Needs Computational Science and Engineering

Data Science. Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Across science and engineering, these terms are on the minds of academics and practitioners alike. Harnessing our growing amounts of data provides tremendous opportunities to drive solutions...

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Technology-driven Decisions and the Importance of Expertise

Decision making is choosing the correct solution to meet an objective, assessing possible consequences and applying mitigating actions. When driven by technology, more complex decisions with more degrees of freedom can be made more quickly than ...

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Using Altair EDEM for Off-road Vehicle Design

Watch examples of applications of EDEM coupled with MotionSolve and Activate in the design of tracked and wheeled vehicles.

EDEM software, powered by the Discrete Element Method (DEM), accurately represents the behavior or rocks, soils and ores and can realistically model a variety of ter

Use Cases

Altair Mistral Demo

Mistral is the leading I/O profiling tool for high-performance computing. Mistral monitors I/O, CPU and memory, quickly locating rogue jobs and storage bottlenecks.

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Convergence of Engineering and Data Science

The traditional engineering processes ensure that safe and robust products are being developed. However, the growing demand for innovative solutions in short time scales drives the need for a cultural change in the way we work in engineering. Look...

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Climbing Data Mountains

Are you on the mountain or in the valley? Learn how The Fauquier Bank uses its data assets to decrease expenses, boost process efficiency, and improve data governance with automated and repeatable data models. Several examples will show the ease...

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The Future of HPC

HPC improves people’s lives – it’s the engine that accelerates solving complex science and engineering problems – making products more sustainable, making cars safer, making dangerous weather more predictable, even making medicines more effective.

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The Future of Smart Devices

Embedded development tools must track the ever-increasing complexity and feature set of microcontrollers as well as demands from new markets like the Cloud based “Internet of Things”.

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Mobility of a Military Tank Vehicle on Soft Terrains

EDEM, MotionSolve and Activate are used to predict the behavior and performance of a tank vehicle on a sand dune and to study complex maneuvers live a pivot turn.

Use Cases

Applying Digital Twin Panel Discussion

Digital twins come in many shapes and sizes; essentially they are a digital image of an object, process, person, place in the physical world.

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Afreecar: Empowering the Whole World​

Current rural vehicle and power solutions in many parts of the developing world have limited utility or are very expensive. Afreecar's plan is to retrofit existing non-motorized vehicles with an e-kit. This not only allows end-users to have better...

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Altair Breeze Demo

With Breeze, you can quickly solve software deployment problems and resolve file and network dependencies. With detailed data for storage exports and summary reports for sharing, Breeze makes every engineer an I/O expert by identifying good and ba...

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Using LED lighting to unlock data

Surviving the LED industry's race to the bottom. Why a LED lamp manufacture is investing heavily in a connected product line.

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Ducati Digital Process Innovation

Digital innovation is transforming the way we design, manufacture and service our products. Advanced simulations, data analytics, optimization are paving the road for a greener, safer and faster future.

To maintain a technological advantage, a comprehensive approach to digital innovation has bee

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Off-road Mobility of an 8x8 Light Armored Vehicle

EDEM, MotionSolve and Activate are used to assess the performance of a 8x8 light armored vehicle (LAV) and to perform stress validation.

Use Cases

Off-road buggy simulation using EDEM coupled with MotionSolve

In this video EDEM is coupled with MotionSolve to accurately predict the performance of an off-road buggy on different terrains. With EDEM, an extensive range of terrains can be modeled to suit the vehicle test requirements, including sand, gravel...

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The Future of AI is Empathetic

Dr. Rana el-Kaliouby, the Co-Founder and CEO of Affectiva will discuss why it is important to build AI that is empathetic and human centric, especially as we tackle the "empathy crisis" in these complex times.

Artificial intelligence is becoming mainstream and it is increasingly taking on roles

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GPU-Accelerated Architectural Visualization with Denoising

Photorealistic rendering has become a cornerstone for architectural visualization. Altair’s developers have collaborated with NVIDIA to leverage NVIDIA OptiX™ denoising technology to maximize the speed-up without compromising quality for both exte...


Implement Effective Manufacturing Process Analytics

By extracting real value from their data, manufacturers can make accurate predictions about component life, replacement requirements, energy efficiency, utilization, and other factors that have direct impacts on production capacity, throughput, qu...

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