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Academic Webinar: How to Create a Dynamically Stable Chassis with Rapid MBD Analyses

Whether you are looking to understand the dynamic properties of your whole Formula Student vehicle or the mechanism of a small assembly of parts, MotionSolve from Altair is the perfect tool for you, and available for free to all students and Formu...


ATCx Concept Design - The Key Role of Simulation in Development of Aluminum Profiles and Study of Glass Structures in Shorter Design Time

Gabriele Romagnoli, Head of Structural Engineering

Faraone are specialist in transparent architectures such as canapes, balustrades, staircases, glass partitions and other glass structures. Gabrielle will take us through their design teams who uses SimSolid and Altair Inspire on their st


ATCx Concept Design - Component and System Level Performance Evaluation at the Conceptual Design Phase

Andrew Blows, Principal Technical Specialist
Jaguar Land Rover

In this Keynote presentation from Andrew Blows, will give us his perspective on Why Jaguar Land Rover using SimSolid over traditional FEA, when & where to use SimSolid and some examples of where SimSolid has been used and how the res


ATCx Concept Design - Rapid Analysis of Complex Assemblies with Altair SimSolid

Rapid Analysis of Complex Assemblies with Altair SimSolid
Tony Jones, Chief Engineer
Andron Handling


ATCx Concept Design - Structural Analysis for Rapid Design Iterations

Girish Kalyan, Product Manager - Altair SimSolid

In this presentation Girish will introduce SimSolid and a demo to showcase simulation at the speed of design.


ATCx Concept Design - Leveraging Disruptive Technology in Structural Simulation in Oil and Gas

Carlos Omar Ramirez, PE Engineering Manager

In this presentation Carlos from NOV is will share his experience with SimSolid and show us how the technology is allowing him to very quickly assess structural performance of some very large CAD models including walkways used in Oil fields.


ATCx Concept Design - Making Rapid Design Decisions at Brompton Bicycle

Jonathon Heath, (Former) Lead Mechanical Design Engineer
Brompton Bicycle

This presentation will show how Brompton adopted simulation in their design process and moved away from their traditional CAD embedded simulation packages with hands on demo of SimSolid.


ATCx Concept Design - SimSolid Case Studies at Whirlpool

Alexandre Marangoni, Senior CAE Engineer

This presentation will show how Whirlpool will take us through how they validated SimSolid against FEA solvers that implemented the tool in their concept design processes.


ATCx Concept Design - Implementation of Altair SimSolid in the Engineering Center of General Motors Mexico

Mauricio Pacheco, Design Team Manager and Christian Herrera, Design Engineer
General Motors

This presentation will give us an insight into how SimSoild is being used in their Engineering centre in Mexico.


ATCx Concept Design - Developing Highly Customised Truck Trailers with Intelligent Simulation Technologies

Richard Owens

Don-Bur are designer and manufacturers of commercial vehicle bodies such as truck trailers and develop custom trailers for many famous retailers. In this presentation Richard Owen will talk us through why they adopted SimSolid technology and show a quick hand on demo on a t


ATCx Concept Design - Accelerating the Development of Automotive Seating Structures

João Dias, Senior Project Engineer

Rescroft are an automotive seating specialist in the UK. In this presentation João will talk about their use of SimSolid in their design process along with other tools that’s available within the Altair concept engineering suite.


ATCx DEM 2020 - DEM modeling of particulate processes – from conceptualization to industrial application

The Discrete Element Method (DEM) is increasingly being used to simulate powders and particulates that are common in many industrial and natural processes. Since DEM computes at individual particle level, it has the potential to capture the under...


Information Optimization Keeps Edwards Air Force Base Mission-Ready

The 412th Maintenance Group (MXG) provides maintenance, as well as Logistics Test and Evaluation (LT&E) support, for the U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense, Foreign Military Sales, and contractor aircraft at the Air Force Flight Test Center (AF...

Customer Stories

ATCx DEM 2020 - Optimizing pneumatic conveying of cohesive dairy powders using EDEM–CFD coupling

Pneumatic conveying pipelines undergo series of direction changes due to space restrictions, site location, or position of receiving silos and hoppers. When dairy powder and air flows around pipe bends or experiences any change in flow direction d...


Use Machine Learning To Predict Remaining Useful Life

Machine learning (ML) and stream processing technology are powerful solutions for remaining useful life (RUL) analysis. Manufactures can use the large amounts of data produced by sensors combined with human inspections of finished pieces to train ...


Altair Data Analytics for the Federal Government

Altair Data Analytics enables government agencies and people of all skill levels to access, generate, and use smart data to make insightful, informed decisions. With decades of experience in data transformation, machine learning, and visualization...


Data-Driven Warranty Risk Profile Analysis

Most manufacturers must handle large numbers of warranty claims related to a variety of products and components. The volume of claims can easily run to millions per year for consumer goods manufacturers. Patterns within claims data may indicate em...


ATCx DEM 2020 - A model for simulating particle breakage with high fidelity in EDEM

Desired or not, particle breakage can occur when dealing with particulate materials in industry. For cases in which breakage severely influences the flow of the material, the only viable option is to describe it within the DEM environment. Several...


Cool Runnings: E-Motor Design at DEF

The idea for its cooling technology for electric motor systems was born at high-tech start-up Dynamic E flow (DEF), when the founders first experienced an overheated engine of an electrical car.

The existent development process at DEF used analytical methods and physical testing to confirm resul

Customer Stories

ATCx DEM 2020 - DEM applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

Particle processing is one of the core activity of pharmaceutical products and processes development, manufacturing, and also drug delivery. The powder behavior and processing performance have direct impacts on process robustness, yield, and final product performance (drug delivery). 



Next Generation Robotics and Controls Lab

ESS & Altair invites you to an engaging webinar on next-generation Robotics and Controls Lab. In this webinar, we will be demonstrating a unique visual approach to robotics by using a combination of Altair Digital-Twin technology & Altair Hardware...


Altair Mold Overview

Inspire Mold is a complete molding simulation in 5 easy steps through a highly intuitive user experience, catering to beginners and experts alike allowing designers and product engineers to improve part performance while reducing defects and iterations between design and manufacturing.

Visit a h

Video Testimonials

Modeling Corona Discharge using VSim Simulation Software

VSim, is a multi-dimensional, multi-physics simulation software tool, available through the Altair Partner Alliance, that can model a wide variety of electromagnetic related problems. VSim correctly computes the electric field in free-space and di...


ATCx DEM 2020 - Leverage DEM modelling in pharmaceutical development

Discrete Element Method has drawn an increasing attention in both academia and in industry. While there are tremendous successes reported in open source, many practical challenges exist when applying DEM modelling to pharmaceutical processes devel...


[Monarch Virtual Spotlight Series] From Disruption to Decentralization: A Peek into Building Advantage in 2021

How can you use the disruptions and lessons learned from this year to make meaningful change to your relationship with data?

The catalyst for change can be jarring as we’ve all experienced this year. Inefficiencies within processes can be amplified as soon as working conditions change, but rather


ATCx DEM 2020 - Simulation of segregation in Blast Furnace plant – FIFO evaluation

A default in the Blast Furnace burden permeability is an important issue in the Blast Furnace process. Particle segregation can lead to a preferential flow and disturb the gas distribution. Material charging is one of the few levers on which a Bla...


ATCx DEM 2020 - DEM modeling as an innovative method in designing of screw conveyors

The presentation discusses the problems of designing screw conveyors with regard to the determination of the exploitation parameters (mass efficiency and power demand) when current calculation methods are in use. To improve the designing process a...


EikoTwin DIC Top Use Cases

Use cases of EikoTwin DIC by EikoSim.

Use Cases

ATCx DEM 2020 - A numerical study on the effects of particle-particle and particle-boundary interactions on the powder bed structure and stress distribution

Many industries involving bulk solids require a fundamental understanding of powder bed packing structure and stress distribution in order to effectively design process equipment, optimize powder processes, and enhance product quality. Using Discr...


ATCx DEM 2020 - Continuum analysis from discrete data in EDEM - a case study on powder mixing

The mechanical behavior of granular materials can be usefully described in terms of continuum fields such as stress, strain, porosity, and mass density. These fields and their derivatives are often of interest when modelling granular systems with ...


ATCx DEM 2020 - Multi-physics: solving system level problems using EDEM coupled with FEA, MBD and CFD

Many industries and applications involve bulk and granular materials interacting with machines and fluids. The use of Multiphysics and Altair EDEM software can play a major role when trying to understand, predict and optimize bulk material handling equipment and processes.

This presentation


ATCx DEM 2020 - Simulating Hot Mix Asphalt from Rock to Road

The production of hot mix asphalt (HMA) involves drying and heating aggregates and mixing and coating the aggregates with liquid asphalt bitumen. This process presents many simulation challenges.  As an equipment manufacturer Astec uses simulation...


ATCx DEM 2020 - Some usages of EDEM software at ArcelorMittal R&D

In this talk, two examples of how ArcelorMittal uses Altair EDEM software for steelmaking applications are discussed. In each considered granular flow configuration, simulation results are validated with experimental data and observations. 

The first application is about the DEM modellin


ATCx DEM 2020 - Efficient material model calibration in EDEM – methods and example

Material model calibration is an integral part of the Discrete Element Method modelling methodology, but the commonly adopted trial and error calibration approach is time and resource intensive. Recently developed workflow automation tools and cou...


Simulate at the Speed of Design

Simulation to impact design, it needs to validate design as it unfolds and drive its evolution. It needs to work directly on the available CAD geometry and, in many cases, on the entire assembly intact and work fast. Simulation needs to happen at the speed of design!

Altair invites you to the “Ex


ATCx DEM 2020 - Wear simulation using automated geometric deformation with the discrete element method

Tools used in soil cultivation are subject to heavy wear. Simulation methods, such as the Discrete Element Method (DEM), show a good suitability to analyze these processes. In materials science, many investigations of wear are based on the scratch...


ATCx DEM 2020 - Process optimization through industrial scale DEM simulations

In chemical process industries, process equipment were designed and optimized based on the designer’s experience, available empirical correlations and experimental studies in the past. However, in recent years, Discrete Element Method (DEM) has be...


ATCx DEM 2020 - 10 unique features of EDEM you need to know about!

Most users know Discrete Element Method modelling for the need of defining material properties, particle shapes, equipment working conditions and contact physics. In this talk, key features of Altair EDEM that expand beyond the usual DEM settings ...


EikoTwin Aerospace Case Studies

Case studies from Arianegroup and IRT Saint - Exupéry.

Characterization test of a joint test piece launching Ariane 6 in collaboration with Arianegroup.

Compression test on lattice structure with the IRT Saint - Exupéry.

Customer Stories

EikoSim - Automotive Case Studies

Case studies from Renault, Cetim, MCE-5, and MECATEST.

Vehicle axel production follow-up test in collaboration with Renault and Cetim.

Certification test on high-performance gearwheel with MCE-5 and MECATEST

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