Structural Engineering and Design (AEC)

Versatility and data integration drive productivity for building and non-building structures. Altair's Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) structural analysis and design solutions simulate responses to wind, snow, water, seismic, blast, dead, live, and moving loads, or other dynamic, nonlinear loading conditions while ensuring design resiliency and regional code compliance. Extensive data transfer links manage consecutive import and export cycles between analysis and design solutions, building information modeling (BIM) systems, and/or CAD platforms. Design and optimize concrete, steel, and timber to regional codes, generating report-ready results for all structural elements in a model.

Altair for AEC Structural Design

Optimize Your Design Projects with Integrated Solutions

Our integrated structural design solutions are tried and trusted by engineers worldwide to ensure code compliance, optimized designs, and reduced project times.

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Altair® S-FRAME®

Allows users to simulate the response to internal and external forces during and after construction. Regardless of geometric complexity, material type, loading conditions, or nonlinear effects, S-FRAME analyzes structural behavior and generates reaction forces so engineers can optimize models while verifying compliance with regional design codes for steel, concrete, and/or multi-material structures.

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S-CONCRETE quickly and accurately designs reinforced concrete column, beam, wall sections, and continuous beams to regional design code requirements. Users can save time by automatically checking thousands of concrete designs at once, and can produce transparent and comprehensive design reports that list clause references and intermediate results, indicating areas that require more attention. S-CONCRETE incorporates concrete design principles and state-of-the-art analysis techniques, making it powerful, versatile, and easy to use.

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Altair® S-STEEL™

A fully integrated steel design solution, S-STEEL provides transparent, comprehensive results for any steel design project. With it, users can code-check and auto-design for strength, serviceability, and compliance to regional design codes. S-STEEL supports composite beam design, staged construction, and numerous optimization criteria and constraints. Users save time by easily generating and exporting design results to customized engineering reports that include clause references, equations deployed, identifying passing or failing steel members.

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Altair® S-TIMBER™

S-TIMBER is a dedicated design environment for mass timber and hybrid timber analysis. Users can design Sawn Lumber, Glulam, and CLT elements to code compliance and optimize after analyzing the timber/hybrid-timber structure. With advanced 3D analysis, automatic mesh generation, automatic section and material property calculations, plus extensive customization capabilities, S-TIMBER is ideal for irregular geometry and complex structures.

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With S-FOUNDATION, users can analyze, design, and detail foundations in a flexible, automated foundation management solution. With versatile modeling capabilities, users can design irregular or stepped mats, and deep or shallow foundations. Save time by automating repetitive processes, customize capabilities to meet project requirements, and smoothly transfer superstructure model and analysis results from S-FRAME and S-TIMBER to perform the substructure design.

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Altair® S-CALC™

With S-CALC, users can increase their productivity and design accuracy by quickly generating over sixteen distinct section properties for nonstandard geometry and multi-material configurations. With its intuitive, interactive work environment users can easily define models in the graphical editor or import geometry, material, and section property data from DXF and BIM files. They can also select different calculation methods, including database values, closed-form solutions, FEA methods, and more. Export properties with S-FRAME, S-FOUNDATION, and S-TIMBER integration links.

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Featured Resources

Designing for Sustainability - Reducing the Carbon Footprint with Embedded Carbon for Large Scale, Hybrid Timber Structures

Bush Bohlman was required to perform the structural analysis and timber design for the British Columbia Institute of Technology, (BCIT), student plaza, a pedestrian and public transport user gateway for the institute. The structure needed to establish a strong campus identity with a biophilic design and demonstrable support for sustainable building practices while ensuring structural safety according to local design codes. The hybrid mass timber structure consists of a Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) canopy, CLT columns, and steel columns. By using S-TIMBER, the engineers were able to simulate the complex two-way bending behavior of the cantilevering roof panels and asymmetrical column layout. Having the model in S-TIMBER allowed for changes to be analyzed and re-designed, without the need to manually design individual timber and steel elements. S-TIMBER's design reports presented the design calculations concisely, yet transparently, for faster and easier reviews.

Customer Stories
Steel Design

Steel Design for Structural Engineers, CSA 16-14 Code Examples

The Steel Design Examples for Structural Engineers demonstrates thirty-three different steel design applications according to the CSA S16-14 steel design guide. This guide serves two purposes; to illustrate the CSA S16-14 steel design code and to enable users to verify S-STEEL's design accuracy.

Included with each example are example (.TEL) files that help illustrate the CSA S16-14 steel design code in S-FRAME/S-STEEL.

The CSA examples are adopted from a subset of the AISC’s publication Design Examples (version 14.2) with all examples converted to metric units.

Technical Document

Designing for Strength and Serviceability: Continuous Concrete Beam Design

Fast, accurate continuous beam analysis and design with S-CONCRETE enables you to ensure code compliance while shortening project time. Join us to see how to perform comprehensive structural and detailing checks in an easy-to-use interface.

We'll show you how to:

  • Quickly design continuous concrete beams for strength and serviceability
  • Analyze continuous beams with varying bay dimensions, boundary conditions, and reinforcement
  • Assess responses to auto-generated pattern loading
  • Evaluate reinforcement requirements, including stirrup spacing, bar cut-offs, and more
  • View shear, moment, and torsion diagrams
  • Auto design to specified design constraints
  • Quickly generate comprehensive engineering design reports


Maximizing Concrete Design Efficiency with ICD in S-FRAME

Accelerate productivity with Integrated concrete design for building and non-building structures. Use a single solution to model and analyze structures, run performance assessments, optimize design groups, to quickly generate design reports with Integrated Concrete Design (ICD) in S-FRAME.

This presentation walks through the steps needed to perform reinforced concrete beams, columns, and wall design, as well as continuous beam design.


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