Altair FluxMotor™

Electric Rotating Motor Design

What is Altair FluxMotor?

FluxMotor is a flexible software solution dedicated to the pre-design of electric motor. It enables engineers to easily design their machines from standard, customized and parametric parts, add windings with multi-level assistant and attribute materials to quickly run a selection of tests and compare their performance.

FluxMotor is easy to use with an efficient working environment allowing the creation, analysis, reporting and export of electric motors within a few minutes.

Based on modern technology, the standalone platform offers fast and accurate computations.

When necessary, seamless connection with Altair Flux™ empowers EM advanced studies and coupling to Altair HyperWorks™ enables multi-physics optimization.

FluxMotor Overview Video

Why FluxMotor?

Efficient Environment

Motor-dedicated and intuitive interface offers clear working environments making it easy to learn. Customization and competitive simulation time empower efficient daily use.

Recognized Accuracy

Based on proven Flux finite element solver and 35 years of experience, FluxMotor produces results that engineers trust.

Early Decisions

Quickly design and optimize concept machines while offering efficient comparison capabilities, FluxMotor enables designers to make informed early strategic choices to select the most appropriate topologies.

Key Features

High Productivity Gains

The intuitive icon-based interface with customization and scripting capabilities offers an efficient working environment to enable designers to focus on their main task, innovation.

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Comprehensive Solution

The comprehensive platform embeds all necessary tools from motor design to automated reports through various assistants or its project management interface.

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Beyond supplied parts and material database, designers can easily customize reusable parts and the working environment to fit their specific case and accelerate their productivity.

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Winding Assistance

Multi-level winding assistant helps designers define the most appropriate winding architecture and parameters.

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Seamless Couplings

Connection to Flux to perform advanced electromagnetic and thermal analysis and to HyperWorks for multiphysics optimization.

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Automated Tests and Reports

Dedicated environment to access customizable automated tests, including maps or data sheet and exhaustive illustrated exportable reports.

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Altair FluxMotor Workflow

  1. e-Motor Concept Quick Design
  2. Automated Tests and Reports
  3. e-Motors Comparison and Ranking
  4. Model Export to Altair Flux