Altair Knowledge Hub™

Team-driven Data Preparation for the Enterprise

Self-service analytics tools promised to make end-users more agile and data-driven. However, the increased agility led to siloed and disconnected work as part of an ungoverned data free-for-all. Knowledge Hub addresses these issues with a solution that benefits business users, while simplifying and improving governance for IT.

With an intuitive browser-based interface that automates data transformation tasks, Knowledge Hub is the market’s only collaborative data preparation solution. Business teams can work with data engineers and data scientists using a personalized experience for creating, validating and sharing governed, trusted datasets and analytic models. With no coding required, more people can share their work to make more informed decisions.

Why Knowledge Hub?

Controlled Collaboration and Governance

Governance, data lineage and collaboration are managed using a cloud-ready solution designed to create innovation.

Enterprise-Wide Data Transformation

An extensible, low- to no-code platform allows many people across the enterprise to easily transform data to make well informed decisions.

Scalable Analytics

Automated data discovery and data transformation integrated with Altair machine learning and visualization allow data analytic endeavors to easily scale.

Key Features

Intuitive, Easy Self-service Data Preparation

Knowledge Hub is the fastest and easiest way to extract data from dark, semi-structured data like PDFs and text files as well as Big Data and other structured sources. No coding is required as data is accessed, cleansed and transformed for further analytic use. Built for use in the cloud or on premise, Knowledge Hub allows many people to work with data, without duplicating work efforts.

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Data Preparation, Predictive Analytics Combined

Altair tightly integrates its data preparation and its predictive analytics and machine learning solutions. This streamlines data preparation tasks required to build and deploy predictive models. Data scientists and business analysts can easily find curated and trusted data sets to build their analytic models. Insight is shared across the entire organization.

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Controlled Collaboration and Governance

Governance capabilities in Knowledge Hub remove data access concerns and burdens on IT by increasing end-user agility without compromising data integrity. Credential settings allow administrators to give or restrict access to data, workspaces and business models based on predefined rules. In addition, data lineage, activity logs and complete digital fingerprints allow administrators to always have clarity into who accesses data, what they do with it and how they change it.

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