Altair® Knowledge Studio®

Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

What is Altair Knowledge Studio?

Data scientists and business analysts use Altair to generate actionable insight from their data. Knowledge Studio is a market-leading easy to use machine learning and predictive analytics solution that rapidly visualizes data as it quickly generates explainable results - without requiring a single line of code.

A recognized analytics leader, Altair enables data analytics teams to deploy predictive models with speed and efficiency. Easy to use, Knowledge Studio includes prebuilt data preparation and data science functions, and integrates with common programming languages. This means many people across the business can realize the value of powerful analytics using Knowledge Studio.

Related to Knowledge Studio, Altair Knowledge Seeker is for analytic teams who wish to augment existing analytic solutions with powerful data segmentation and profiling capabilities, or who wish to explore insights using Altair’s market-leading patented decision trees.

Large datasets with billions of rows and thousands of columns can be very difficult to work with and analyze. Knowledge Studio for Apache Spark is designed to overcome big data challenges without having to depend on complicated scripts.

Knowledge Studio Overview Video

Why Knowledge Studio?

Designed for All Skill Sets

Knowledge Studio is designed to enable collaboration. Everyone can understand what is happening throughout the modeling process to quickly generate and share insight.

Built to Solve Business Problems

Knowledge Studio has a proven record helping businesses control costs, increase revenue, and mitigate risk. Predictive and prescriptive modeling allows people to create better strategies as they compete in their verticals using the insight found in their data.

Meets High Demands of Data Science and Machine Learning

The ease of use and automation of steps of the modeling process enable data scientists to efficiently develop more machine learning models faster than coding or using other tools.

Knowledge Studio Features

Ease of Use

Wizard-driven, intuitive and interactive workflows allow users to rapidly visualize and understand the data they are working with. Easy to understand and explainable models means more time is spent on making decisions and asking new questions.

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Advanced Modeling

Leverage advanced analytic algorithms including regression models, cluster analysis, random forest, neural networks, scorecards, time series and other models. Knowledge Studio is known for its market leading Decision Trees and Strategy Trees, scorecard building and visual profiling of data.

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Differentiating Features

Integration with R, Python and other programming languages means users can leverage previously written code, and automatically generate model code in the workflow. Move from predictive to prescriptive analytics using the included optimization engine in order to maximize the benefits of leveraging model scores.

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