Save thousands of man-hours with automated, governed data preparation, report creation and analytics delivery.


What is Monarch Server?

Monarch Server is an enterprise solution providing centralized data management and automated workflows to streamline bulk data processing and report distribution.


Why Monarch Server?

Large Monarch customers use Monarch Server to automate components of their desktop deployment. Monarch Server is a centralized data management solution that automates bulk data processing and report distribution.


There are three features of Monarch Server:

  • Automation: Make repetitive processes ‘hands-free’ by setting up scheduled or event-driven data preparation processes.
  • Report Warehouse: Create a seamless integration point between text-based reporting and data warehouse initiatives.
  • Report Mining: Empower analysts to access and extract data from cold storage systems without going through IT.

Using a highly visual and intuitive drag-and-drop interface and with no dependency on coding, Monarch Server allows many users to centralize their enterprise data and models. Automation delivers data to users when scheduled, along with auto-updating systems, databases and dashboards. Created reports are dynamically updated with new data without user and IT intervention. Integration with third party CRM systems, data warehouses and other reporting systems stores, indexes and pre-mines reports for end-user consumption and analysis.