Altair Panopticon™

Stream processing and visualization for real-time and time series data

What is Altair Panopticon?

Comprehensive streaming processing and visualization of real-time operational, trading, and market data

Delays in decision-making are costly in real-time businesses like electronic trading of equities, fixed income, FX, futures, or commodities, as well as other time-critical industries like telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, and logistics.

Waiting for end-of-day reports means you’re likely to miss profitable opportunities, or fail to respond to threats to regulatory compliance or profitability until it’s much too late.

Panopticon lets business users — the people closest to the action — build, modify, and deploy sophisticated streaming analytics and data visualization applications using a fully drag-and-drop interface. They can connect to virtually any data source, including real-time streaming feeds and time series databases, develop complex stream processing programs, and design visual user interfaces that give them the perspectives they need to make insightful, fully-informed decisions based on massive amounts of fast-changing data.

It’s no wonder that seven of the world’s top ten banks use Panopticon to monitor and analyze real-time trading and market data.

Panopticon for Capital Markets Overview Video

Why Panopticon?

Visualize Time-Critical Data

Panopticon provides a wide variety of information visualization techniques, including Treemaps, Heat Maps, Bullet Graphs, Candlestick/OHLC Graphs, Price Bands, Waterfall Charts, and more.

Streaming Analytics in the Cloud

Panopticon supports cloud deployment on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. It is also fully compatible with containerized cloud implementations using Docker.

Connect to Any Data Source

Panopticon lets business users connect to real-time message queues, time series databases, CEP engines, NoSQL sources, and any SQL database — with no coding or middleware needed!

Panopticon in Capital Markets

Best Execution

Buy and sell side firms use Panopticon to optimize order execution continuously – pre-trade, during execution, and post trade – and support high levels of transparency into trading performance. 

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Compliance & Surveillance

Panopticon gives compliance officers a comprehensive view of trading activity by trader, instrument, asset class, office, desk, and any other dimension of interest, with nanosecond granularity.

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Profitability Analysis

Firms handling sell side, buy side, and custody clients use Panopticon to analyze profitability multidimensionally: by individual trader, client, execution venue, product, region, and/or office. 

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See Panopticon In Action

  1. Fast Analytics for Capital Markets
  2. Visualize Time Series Data with Nanosecond Accuracy
  3. Build Kafka-Enabled Trading Analytics Dashboards
  4. Build Stream Processing Applications with Zero Code
  5. What's New in Panopticon 2020.0

Example Use Cases


Real-Time Risk Aggregation


Smart Meters


Forex RFQs & Hit Ratios


IoT Sensor Data


Order Books with Full Depth


Real-Time Futures Trading P&L