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Cogging Torque Computation and Mesh for Non-radial Electrical Motors in Flux®

All electrical motor designers know that the computation of cogging torque is a tricky task, particularly in 3D. Indeed, the amplitude of this variable is almost the same as numerical noise. In most cases, conventional mesh methodology is not suff...

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Finite Elements Method Modeling of Contactless Energy Transfer Systems

Contactless energy transfer (CET) systems are used in many industrial sectors. These include conveyors, trolleys, storage and retrieval units, baggage handling, battery charging stations, mobile phones and medical implants. The energy transfer mod...

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Tunnel Magnetoresistance (TMR) Angle Sensor Simulation Results

The article presents the main results of magnetostatic 3D simulation using CEDRAT Flux software especially for new TMR angle sensor applications. Such magnetic sensors are deployed today in automotive electronics, as well as in many new industrial...

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Induction Heating and Forced Cooling Analysis with Flux®

Principle of induction heating and forced cooling (shower): induction heating is the process of heating an electrically conducting object without contact. The flowing of the current through the coil (see Fig.1) generates an alternating magnetic fi...

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FE Steady State Thermal Analysis of Squirrel Cage Induction Motors with Flux®

The thermal analysis of electrical machines and the related fluid dynamic computation, tasks associated with mechanical engineering disciplines, seem to interest electrical engineers less than electromagnetic analysis. But, with increasing require...

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Webinar: Introduction to CosiMate by Chiastek

This webinar will present an overview of CosiMate. CosiMate is a platform for engineers performing modeling and simulation of an overall system made of hydraulics, mechanicals, electronics, or other components.

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How to Efficiently Design Power Transformers

Nowadays Power Transformers need to optimize their efficiency to make sure a minimum amount of losses are generated from the various physical phenomena. Flux Finite Element studies allow transformer designers to accurately analyze the different lo...

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Taking Demagnetization into Account in Permanent Magnets Using Flux®

Materials can be classified according to their magnetic property into two main categories:
Soft magnetic materials: which exhibit magnetic properties with the presence of external excitation. Hard magnetic materials: exhibit magnetic properties in the absence of magnetic excitation. Permanent magne

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Study of Mounted Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine Using Flux® Skew

Requirements: rotating electrical machine designers want high-reliability, minimum power losses, maximum power, maximum torque and low mechanical resonance vibration and noise. To meet the needs of electrical machine designers, CEDRAT started deve...

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Altair Aerospace: FE Model Setup and Validation

This webinar will cover a brief overview of all simulations done on an Altair benchmark airplane wing. All steps from CAD to CAE are discussed, starting with the generation of the geometry, including midsurface generation to meshing and mapping CF...

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Lattice Optimized Brake Pedal Study

The following presentation reviews the design and development of a Lattice Optimized (LO) automotive brake pedal. The goal of the study was to compare the potential weight savings from utilizing a lattice optimization approach along with validatin...

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Development of mm-Wave Automobile Pre-Collision System (PCS) Radar Testing Surrogates and Procedures

Automotive radar operating in the 77 GHz band is primarily used for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle technologies. The effectiveness of AEB systems in detecting pedestrians and bicyclists cannot be objectively verif...


Using Flux2D in Development of PMSM Fault Detection Algorithms

The need for fail-safe operation of permanent magnet synchronous machines in applications requiring high reliability has prompted the development of techniques for detecting incipient stator winding faults, rotor eccentricities and demagnetization...

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Integral Numerical Characterization of Thermal and Lubrication Performance of Hybrid and Electric Drive Systems

The physics of the simulated processes is inherently multiphase and involves transient phenomena of various time scales. As such, high fidelity simulation resolution places significant demands on hardware performance, external computing on-demand ...

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Automatic Reproduction of Supervisory Control System Logic Diagrams with High Fidelity Functional Simulation Purposes using SolidThinking Embed

This work presents the GT2 Energia methodology for the automated creation of control logics for high fidelity simulators of industrial plants. The manual development of this activity involves intrinsic difficulties due to the typical large amount ...

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FEKO Webinar: Evolution and Usage of EM Simulation in the Naval Industry

FEKO’s broad solver technology offering is well suited to the efficient and accurate simulation of electrically very large structures.

In this webinar we will offer several use cases of Naval related electromagnetic simulations using FEKO.

Besides more general problems like antenna placement,

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Driving Higher Performance for Advanced Structural Analysis

Altair RADIOSS* and Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors combine to provide
an advanced solution stack for improved crashworthiness, safety, and
manufacturability of automotive structural designs.

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MotionSolve for Heavy Industry

MotionSolve for Heavy Industry.
Optimize Machinery System Performance


MotionSolve for Automotive

MotionSolve for Automotive
Optimize Automotive System Performance


Altair Inspire Cast Gravity Casting Model

Downloadable gravity casting model for Altair Inspire Cast.

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Inspire Extrude Metal 2017.3 Help and Tutorials

Explore help and tutorial resources to learn how to navigate through Inspire Extrude Metal and its features and tools.


Webinar: Frequency Domain Analysis for Fatigue and Random Response

Frequency domain methods for fatigue analysis and for general random response analysis have experienced a resurgence over the last few years due to improved technology and better computational processes. Today, a complete range of models can be p...

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Webinar- MotionSolve for Trucks and Busses - Analyze and Optimize Truck System Performance

MotionSolve - Altair's multi-body solution is an integrated solution to analyze and improve mechanical system performance. In the truck and bus industries, MotionSolve is used to assess system durability, evaluate and improve new suspension system...

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Headlamp modeling in SimLab and CFD analysis using AcuSolve Webinar

Headlamp modeling in SimLab and CFD analysis using AcuSolve Webinar

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OptiStruct for Nonlinear Analysis: Comprehensive, Fast and Accurate Solutions, Modern Solver Architecture

This webinar will show you some of the nonlinear capabilities available in OptiStruct with a few use cases at a high level. The use cases include but are not limited to car body durability, powertrain durability, aerospace etc.

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Webinar: Real Time Engine Simulations in LOGEengine 3.0

The webinar will introduce all new features of our latest product release LOGEengine 3.0 and discuss the steps needed to setup an engine combustion analysis with detailed chemistry.

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ESAComp Complementing HyperWorks Composites Simulation

When faced with the challenges during the conceptual and preliminary design of composites structures, ESAComp is specialized industry-proven software that can make all the difference in achieving better designs faster.

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MotionSolve for General Machinery

MotionSolve for General Machinery. Understand and Optimize System Performance


PBS Professional gives HPE cluster users a more efficient, reliable solution for HPC workload management

With PBS Professional, HPE cluster administrators can set user priorities and policies, track usage, and provide a queuing system for job submissions. Download the dat sheet to learn more.


OptiStruct: Enabling Simulation Driven Innovation

Watch this on-demand webinar to get a complete overview of the comprehensive, unique and innovative functionality of OptiStruct for structural analysis and optimization. Learn why OptiStruct is quickly becoming widely adopted as the structural sol...

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Surrogate Models for Antenna Placement on Large Platforms

The RF Engineering group at the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), develops advanced computational electromagnetics and multiphysics algorithms and tools, leveraging vast know-how in EMC for a wide range of applications. Typical chall...

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Speeding up Altair OptiStruct* Simulations with the Intel® SSD Data Center Family for PCIe*

Altair OptiStruct* provides engineers and designers with a unified solution from concept to final design by leveraging advanced analysis capabilities and novel, optimization-driven simulation. In this process, the simulation time for one optimizat...

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Holistic System Performance Improvement

Raising efficiency by changing design paradigms for electric machines. This presentation was made at the CWIEME 2017 exhibition in Berlin, Germany, during June 2017



During the development of a new vehicle variant, Daimler wanted to explore the potential of utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach to optimization (MDO), whereby several attribute performance targets are considered in a single optimization study,...

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Efficient Injection Molding Tools through Optimization, CFD Simulation and 3D Printing

The company PROTIQ ( worked with Altair and created a highly efficient molding tool. Optimization with OptiStruct was used to find the optimal design to guarantee the maximum tolerances of the generated products. The cooling process...


More Efficient and Economic Injection Mold Tools thanks to Topology Optimization, CFD Simulation and 3D Printing

Toolmaking is usually characterized by cost-intensive, custom made, single-unit production. To create innovative tools, the industry increasingly relies on new manufacturing methods such as 3D printing. To meet market demand, PROTIQ GmbH, a spinof...

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Designing APWorks’ Light Rider – How the First 3D-Printed Motorcycle Came to Life

Daniel Schneider, Technical Sales Manager at Airbus APWorks, presents at Converge 2016 in Essen, Germany.

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Space 4.0 or the Next Paradigm for the Space Industry

Franck Mouriax, General Manager of Structures at RUAG Space, presents at Converge 2016 in Essen, Germany.

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Biomimetically Inspired Topology Optimization

Irmgard Lochner, Professor and Consultant at University of Applied Sciences of Biberach, presents at Converge 2016 in Essen, Germany.

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Keynote: Modern Architecture – Design Process, Tools and Technology

Neb Erakovic, Director Structural Design at CH2Mmace, was a keynote presenter at Converge 2016 in Essen, Germany.

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