AcuNexus by Novus Nexus

Fast and Easy Automation for Altair® CFD™ Preprocessing

Through abstract modeling technology, AcuNexus shifts the paradigm and allows you to automate quickly, reliably, and easily. Automation is specified within intuitive abstract models, geometry independent simulation templates, which analysts can create without scripting in a similar time it takes to set up a simulation with a conventional pre-processor. Abstract models also let you:

  • Democratize CAE workflows and enable designers to start dependable, high-fidelity simulations in Altair CFD's Navier-Stokes solver
  • Get timely, always comparable simulation results for better design decisions.
  • Ensure consistent use of best practices
  • Preserve your organization’s simulation expertise

Why AcuNexus?

More Simulation in Less Time

More simulations are performed with existing resources due to the automation of CFD preprocessing work.

Simulations Started by Non-CFD Analyst

Designers, test engineers, or others can start dependable CFD simulations using the analyst’s know-how contained in abstract models. They simply select the necessary abstract and CAD models, then press the launch button – simulation results are no longer dependent on the accessibility of an analyst.

Simulation Know-How Management

Simulation best practices and experience are stored in geometry independent, re-usable abstract models. Development organizations ensure that this valuable know-how is always available, even when the specialists where it is coming from are not.

Key Features

Automation of CAE Workflow

AcuNexus facilitates the automation of CFD preprocessing workflow to run the simulations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Democratization of CAE

CAE analyst's knowledge is captured in a tiny abstract model file. The designer or any engineer can run the simulation using AcuNexus abstract model file.

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Ensuring Consistent Results and Process

The processes and important simulation parameters are captured in CAENexus abstract model file. The three-step automation process ensures consistency in results.

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Automatic Creation of CFD Solver Input

Shape independent abstract models containing all information to perform a CFD simulation in combination with a specific CAD model are all that is needed to automatically create mesh and CFD solver input files.


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Fully Automatic Production Mode

AcuNexus’ production mode allows any person involved in the development process to initiate CFD simulations creating quality results. 

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Assured Simulation Quality

Always applying the same abstract model for a specific type of simulation assures that the results are of a constant quality which is necessary to make the right design decisions.

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